BULLDOG BATTEN: UKIP Will ‘Obliterate’ Tory Councils in Local Elections

UKIP is set to obliterate the Tories in the upcoming local elections, as the Conservatives openly admit they think they will lose control of dozens of Councils across the UK over May’s Brexit Betrayal.

The Prime Minister was warned that UKIP had ‘risen from the dead’, largely in-part to her Brexit clusterfuck that has meant Britain is in a ‘Brexit limbo’ and has still not officially left the European Union.

The Sunday Times reported that “Council leaders have said they are preparing for heavy losses in local elections as voters are turning on the Tories after failing to leave the EU on time.”


Last week, UKIP saw a massive surge in vote share in Wales’ Newport West, as the Tories and Labour suffered major losses.

Ukip candidate and former Tory MP Neil Hamilton said the result was “success in itself,” and claimed it was a “new era” for the pro-Brexit party.

Voters vented their fury at a Tory Brexit Betrayal and Prime Minister May’s hated deal that has resulted in a the Brexit deadlock.

Tory councils in Peterborough and Southed-on-Sea have warned they will be fighting for “survival” and could see their majorities being wiped out next month.

More follows.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. An Ther

    April 16, 2019 at 19:22

    And yet in South Suffolk, there’s almost no sign of UKIP whatsoever so far as it’s possible to tell, because they certainly aren’t contesting some/all of the local elections here next month. Instead we’re left with just the Tories, Labour, Liberals and Greens to choose between…

    So good job Bulldog Batten… that’s really showing the corrupt traitorous weasels what for isn’t it…

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