AGAINST ENGLAND: Theresa May will continue World Cup Boycott even if England reach final

THERESA May has vowed to uphold her ban on the Royal Family and Government ministers attending the World Cup – even if England get to the final. 

Her governments boycott of the World Cup in Russia will continue Downing Street said as England reached the semi-finals for the first time since 1990. When asked, a No10 spokesman said: “The boycott will continue.”

The ban even means Prince William, who is the President of the Football Association cannot attend any World Cup games in Russia.

May announced the policy in the wake of the so-called Salisbury nerve agent attack in March, which the UK blamed on Russia without any real evidence.

Mrs May did not even have the nerve to watch England win their penalty shoot-out against Columbia last week.

Her spokesman said she watched “some” of the Englands match against Columbia in Downing Street.

The spokesman said Mrs May wasn’t watching as England legend Eric Dier as he sealed the win for the Three Lions as: “She struggles to watch penalties because it’s too nerve-racking.”

Her Government and Britain’s biased mainstream media have been accused of ruining the atmosphere for England fans in Russia, as she and Britain’s tabloids talked down Vlad’s country.

Russia has been praised for its hospitality, and England fans that have gone to cheer on Harry’s army have said its the greatest world cup they have ever been too.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, has said that he would allow his shadow ministers to travel to Russia to cheer on the team.

He also called for a public holiday if England wins in Moscow and said: “Gareth Southgate and these players have brought the nation together and are doing us proud.”

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