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EXCLUSIVE: Love Island Needs FAT contestants, says Benny James

SOCIAL media star Benny James has said that there needs to be more fat people in the Love Island villa.

Benny told Politicalite: “There needs to be fat people in the villa”.

“When are they gonna put contestant in the villa that are actually normal looking, with sausage rolls and double chins” added Benny.

“We got promised before this series started there would be diversity this year. And all I can see in the villa is the same fake body’s, steroids, wanna be social media influencers, fake tanned, Botox contestants”

“There so many people out there with better personality’s that the ones in the villa right now and guess what they don’t have a perfect body.. Apparently Anna is a plus sized model and tbh the only thing she’s got plus sized is her boobs.”

“Seriously we need normal people in the show with stretch marks, beer belly’s, no make up, bingo wings etc” You gotta remember kids look up to these people and wanna dress and look the same way but the way these contestants look isn’t real and not a good look for kids to try and copy.”

“I feel to be ok reality tv you gotta have that one look about you. There’s no diversity whatsoever.”

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