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AND JUST LIKE THAT: Sex and the City author  says Samantha’s return is “the greatest thing” 

SEX AND THE CITY author Candace Bushnell says Kim Cattrall’s return to the franchise is “the greatest thing”.

The 64-year-old writer added she was “happy and surprised” to hear the 66-year-old actress was coming back to ‘And Just Like That…’ for a cameo, after she declined to be involved in the first season of the spin-off to the 1990s HBO series alongside her fellow co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker, 58, Cynthia Nixon, 57, and Kristin Davis, 58. 

Candace told Politicalite: “When I heard the news I was happy and surprised.”

She added “a lot of people miss” her fiery PR character and friendship with fellow characters Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York. 

The author added: “The fans love Kim and I think it will be great for the show. There was a piece missing. She was a major part of that girlfriend circle.”

‘Carrie Diaries’ writer Candance also said she believes the latest batch of episodes “will be a great season” after Kim’s return was announced.

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She said: “I’m happy that Kim is going to go on there. I think it’s probably the greatest thing for the show.”

Evan Handler, who plays Charlotte’s husband Harry Goldenblatt on the show, also called Kim’s comeback “great”. 

The 62-year-old actor told People: “Apparently (her cameo) was shot in the garage somewhere with no contact with anybody, so the only place I have to welcome her is into my living room when it airs on television.”

And Just Like That premieres June 22nd on Sky Comedy in the UK.

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