BAD NEWS: Russell Howard SLANDERS Britain’s new immigration system

FOLLOWING recent and widely praised changes to Britain’s immigration system under Conservative Home Secretary Priti Patel, many on the left were outraged.

One response in particular that received much mainstream attention was that of comedian Russell Howard, who in a recent episode of his political comedy show Russell Howard’s Good News blatantly slanders the system. The former Mock The Week comedian then uploaded the segment on YouTube where it received much praise.

Starting off, Howard criticises the plan for having any new immigrants having to speak English when they arrive in the country, if they want to come. He mocks this, suggesting that half of his family would be ‘f*cked’, especially his uncle, who he claims is like a ‘coked-up Haggard [from the Harry Potter franchise]’, based on their thick accents. He then mocks Prime Minister Boris Johnson for stammering and garbling his words, under the guise that ‘he [Boris] barely speaks the language’. This is despite the fact that 80-95% of the British public believe that people should speak English when they come here. This is also linked with research that shows that 138,000 people immigrants don’t speak any English at all (most of them born outside the UK), 25% of those people arrived here after they turned 50 years old and that 4.5 million people in England and Wales don’t have English as their primary language.

He then criticised the fact that the workers who shall come in after the new immigration system is put in place can only come in if their job isn’t low-skilled. This is linked to how there are nearly 1 million young people not in employment, education or training, all the while there is an epidemic of underemployment (whereby people aren’t getting enough work to keep themselves socio-economically stable) in the UK, partially because of mass immigration.

Howard then throws in the red herring of how various seemingly skilled jobs (like dental nurses, midwives and social carers, of which is the biggest red herring on this subject matter among the left) – even though he claims that the likes of clearly low-skilled work (like receptionists and waiters) is lumped in there as well, highlighting that the real reason to keep low-skilled immigration in to the country is to keep cheap labour for big business and middle class trendy types who couldn’t give a damn about their fellow citizen. This then leads to him sneering at the working class, doing a crude caricature of a stupid British person being proudly nationalistic and singing ‘Rule, Britannia’, all the while ignoring his poor health and lack of waiters (stay classy, dude). This ignores that we could spend more money and resources on teaching our own people (which we often don’t do, due to costs), instead of importing such people from overseas.

He then throws in another red herring, that no jobs are truly ‘low-skilled’ (which is flat out false – basic economics will tell you that), by appealing to emotion and cherrypicking on a careworker who claims that she isn’t low-skilled because she claims that she ‘loves’ what she does. This again ignores that most of the immigrant labour force isn’t in social care, with 47% of all foreign born workers going in to medium low-skilled and low-skilled work, while at the moment 52% of them go into high-skilled and medium-high skilled work. Despite this, Howard focuses on how that role of being a social worker requires ‘compassion’ and ‘care’, and handles it in a way as if that’s the only job that they want to do. This is incorrect, as care sector employees are mostly filled with British citizens, making up 84% of the employment in this sector, with immigrant workers making 16-17% of the overall workforce, with non-EU immigrants become less of a part of this sector over time.

After mocking Boris Johnson again (by stating he can’t use a ‘f*cking mop’), and then complains about MPs being ‘useless’, being as ‘effective as [him] in a stirring contest’ and that they’d screwed up ‘more than Meghan Merkel’s dad’. He then pokes at individual Tory MPs, like Johnson not building the Garden Bridge (ignoring how it was Labour politicians like Mayor Sadiq Khan and Barking MP Margaret Hodge who’d put the project on ice, but as you do), Chris Grayling screwing up ferry contracts and Jeremy Hunt’s bell gaffe which while wrong, doesn’t argue against how being an MP (requiring to know how to conduct policy, endless campaigning and the risk of being violently attacked or killed) isn’t more skilled than a low-skilled chef or retail worker, for example. One can wonder if he were to do this if a Labour administration were in charge, which given that the British comedy industry has been dominated by the left since the 1960s, seems highly unlikely. 

He then sneers at Priti Patel directly (which as Brendan O’Neill of Spiked points out, is hypocritical of the left who scream ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’ when they can, all the while holding contempt for a women with Ugandan Asian heritage for being a Conservative MP they don’t like) over the 8.45 million people in the UK being economically inactive, and how they could be used to fill in job gaps (which is true). He then tries to debunk it, breaking down the numbers. While rightly pointing out that it’s unrealistic for carers (doesn’t that contradict a previous point?), the retired and the long-term sick, ignores how 27% of them are students (who are often young and represent 2.28 million potential workers), of who are clearly more than able to fill up these job gaps. One crude joke later about an elderly retiree not being able to retile a roof, and we move on.

After cherrypicking more stats to prove that immigrants ‘work their b*llocks off’ (ignoring the nearly 20% of EU nationals and 37% of non-EU nationals who aren’t employed, the latter being heavily lower than the 24% of UK nationals not employed as of 2018), he then turns to a more nasty argument sneering at British culture and how lacking it would be if there was less immigration. Starting by how the Premier League would be ‘three blokes and a pie’ if immigration was reduced (which given that the plan doesn’t affect those earning over £26k+, shan’t affect rich football players at all), he then gives the biggest slap in the face yet: British culture isn’t a thing and is made up of immigrant cultures. This includes how the Royal Family is ‘German’ (which not only ignores the complex history and intertwining of the various European royal families, but is also wrong – the Royal Family can be traced back to the French William The Conqueror who had British relatives, all the while the House of Windsor’s lineage can be traced back to the Scottish James I), democracy being ‘Greek’ (ignoring how Britain was the first country to establish ideas like a Parliament and restraining government power, through the likes of 1215’s Magna Carta and the 1689 English Bill Of Rights), tea being ‘Chinese’ (ignoring the different ways the British used tea to make it their own, including developing types of coffee in the 17th century and making it a medical drink at one stage), St. George being ‘Turkish’ (ignoring how he is also a patron saint of countries like Ethiopia and Georgia, and that none of the other UK patron saints sans St. David of Wales were British born either – making this an Anglophobic smear more than anything else) and pushing the non-existent ‘Russian’ meddling in Brexit conspiracy theory pushed by Remoaner types like Exeter’s Labour MP Ben Bradshaw. He then asks that if we reduced immigration, ‘what have we got left’?. This is what we have left; a truly unique British culture, having a being the country that developed the world wide web, the railways, insulin among many others and being one of the freest countries globally. That is nothing to be sniffed at This is the liberal-London view; that Britain is a place of places, a culture of cultures and nothing we’ve done in our glorious history is unique to us. While parroted often in the United States under the ‘nation of immigrants’ banner, it has only become a part of leftie talking points, spurred on by the likes of author Robert Winder, who in his book Bloody Foreigners called Britain a ‘mongrel nation’ (a sentiment echoed by radical former Labour MP Barbara Roche during her time in office).

After bashing former UKIP and Brexit Party MEP and leader Nigel Farage as well (calling him a ‘chinless weirdo mumbling in a suit’), he then turns to his final point: that what jobs you have and what language you speak ‘doesn’t make you British’ (ignoring the surveys about the vast majority of British people who would disagree with that statement), but that rather more touching, and uniquely British stories about heroism and comedic banter (going against the point about foreign culture he just made) do. Nice point and all, but embracing actual British culture, learning the language and contributing to society does as well. That he seems to miss out.

And despite this endless sneery, arrogant and misleading takedown of what is a problem in British society (given that various parties from the Neo-Nazi British National Party and the conservative UKIP and movements like Brexit was heavily spurred on by worries about mass immigration), it actually received positive reception from its intended audiences, with over 21k likes on YouTube alone.

However, it’s clear that with this change in attitude towards mass immigration under Johnson and Patel, the public at large aren’t on their side. Hopefully their immigration system shall reduce the numbers, actual assimilation shall take place and the country can then turn other problems, like education and rejuvenating much of the British economy. Only then shall the problem be sorted for good, and lefty idiocy like this shall die out with it. We can just hope.

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