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CELEB BIG BRO: Trump Hating Natalie Nunn and TV Perv Hardeep face Eviction This Friday… but we NEED to keep her in



TRUMP Hating American Reality Star Natalie Nunn faces the AXE from the hit Channel 5 reality show as she and Hardeep were nominated to face the public vote this Friday.

The ‘Star’ of Bad Girls Club was nominated by eight of her fellow housemates, with ex-One Show star Hardeep receiving six votes.

Earlier this week she refused to play a part in a Trump themed task, were Housemates had to ‘Build A Wall.’

During Noms, Nunn demanded to know her housemates’ “storms” before she decided who to nominate, and caused a massive row with Danny O calling her ‘Boring.’


BB Addicts hit Twitter with one saying: “Really don’t like Natalie and I hope she is out really quick #cbb #cbbuk.”

Another said: “Get Natalie out!!! #CBB #CBBUK.”‏

“Hopefully that vile mouthy t**t Natalie will be out Friday and back in America by Saturday. #CBB #CBBUK #CelebrityBigBrother.”

Another fan said: “Natalie needs to be thrown out of the house she is full blown bullying Hardeep infront of the whole house it’s disgusting #CBBUK.”

Politicalite hates Nunn, she’s represents everything wrong with dumb leftists, but… we need to KEEP HER IN to cause even more drama and make fantastic TV.


Hardeep is a pervert, he was fired from the BBC over mysterious allegations and has been touchy-feely with both male and female housemates.

Nunn said: “I want to know who the f*** I’m living with.”

“I would like to know thing about people; who the f*** is married, who the f*** isn’t married, why you don’t have a ring on…

“I am going to ask and that’s fine. I can ask and I will ask. It’s not just me, but the viewers at home probably don’t know who any of the motherf*****s are in here either.”


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