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CUBA AND THE CAMERAMAN: How one filmmaker saw 45-years of history in Castro’s Cuba  

A NEW Netflix documentary lets streamers go inside Fidel Castro’s revolution in Cuba over a 45-year-period, and reveals how absolute Socialism failed the South American state.

Castro, who died in 2016 was used and financed by the USSR’s closet state to the Capitalist United States between 1961-1990 and was the scene of the infamous “Bay of Pigs” invasion that caused a nuclear crisis for President John F. Kennedy, and Netflix’s documentary series goes behind enemy lines. 

It follows the early years Cuba was a communist success story, but as time went on and the Berlin Wall fell, filmmaker Jon Alpert’s documentary reveals the economic crisis faced by Cuba, how socialism seemed like the solution, but ultimately failed and how capitalist free market enterprise saved the former socialist state.

From food and medicine and shortages to capitalist enterprise, the documentary is an unbiased take on Cuba’s history and even see’s the documentary maker meet the Cuban leader during a trip to New York in the seventies, where he addresses the United Nations.

Jon Alpert began a chronicle of Fidel Castro’s Cuba in 1972, bringing along a small crew and a portable camera and follows three Cuban families living under Castro. 

Alpert was there for Cuba’s socialism of the early ‘70s, and for the 1980 Mariel Bay boatlift, when over 100,000 Cubans fled the island, accompanied by inmates released from prisons and insane asylums. 

He returned to cover the hardships of the 1990s and the “Special Period” after the fall of the Soviet Union when Cuba literally went dark, documenting how these families and the Cuban leader dealt with the serious challenges gripping their country. 

Cuba and the Cameraman is available to stream on Netflix in the UK and US.

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