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DEAD WOOD: Topple Churchill Statue and Put It in Piers Morgan’s Garden, say Jedward 

IRISH X-Factor hasbeens Jedward have called for Sir Winston Churchill’s statue to be ‘torn down’ and placed in Piers Morgan’s garden. 

The X Factor rejects from 2009 called for the statue to be torn down amid rising tensions between Met Police and Feminist women’s Safety protesters following the brutal killing of Sarah Everard by a Met Police officer. 

During a vigil for Everard – female activists and mourners were targeted by Met Police officers on Saturday in Clapham Common at an “illegal” gathering. 

After mass public outrage, protesters took to the Met Police HQ at New Scotland Yard shouting “Shame on You!” followed by a massive rally in Parliament Square, where Police made a ring around Sir Winston Churchill’s statue. 

Metropolitan Police under fire for protecting Churchill statue hours after protesters leave - MyLondon

Jedward took to Twitter and wrote: “Police are more concerned about protecting the Winston Churchill Statue than women!”

“Once an offensive statue is pulled down it’s not welcome.” 

The Irish duo added: “Get that Winston Churchill statue and fuck it into Piers Morgan’s back garden it has no place in today’s society!” 

Piers responded to the call for Britain’s greatest wartime PM to be toppled by saying: “I’d be honoured to have that statue in my garden.” 

“Churchill saved Britain from the Nazis & contributed more to society every time he breathed than you talentless disrespectful clowns have done in your combined 58 years of gormless tuneless imbecility.” 

For once, Mr Morgan is right. 


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