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DECEIVING BRITTON: Fern and Holly helped Phillip Schofield LIE to the nation for YEARS 

THIS Morning’s “toxic” culture of lies and deceit has been a decades-long operation, Politicalite can reveal. 

As the queue jump pair face a backlash from the British public, Politicalite today reveals the decades-long operation that kept the real Phillip Schofield deep in the daytime closet. 

When he arrived on the This Morning sofa in 2002, ITV was keen to market Phillip and Fern Britton as “family friendly” option after the Ulrika Jonsson and John Leslie sex-scandal.

That infamous pairing led to one of their funniest TV moments of the noughties – but now we know why This Morning was laughing.

During a “mouthwatering” link which saw Phillip sample a delicious piece of the old roast beef, Fern enquired about Phillip’s ‘dunking habits’, almost twenty years later, we know the real reason the pair and the This Morning crew burst into laughter – they were laughing at the open-secret millions of viewers at home weren’t a party too. 

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Speaking of Schofes “stage managed” coming out in 2020 to hide his alleged grooming of Mathew Mcgreevy, Jon Roseman, once agent to Fern Britton, revealed: “Almost everybody working in TV has suspected this for years.”

Another ITV colleague said: “Everyone talked about it openly at This Morning. The feeling today is that he’s a hero for coming out, and he is being backed 100 per cent.”

Yet Holly and Fern have helped Phillip Schofield deceive the nation for decades – New Zealand native Phil has been lying to Brits for over 35 years. 

Alison Boshoff, a journalist for the Daily Mail revealed: “Phillip was the object of industry gossip about his sexual orientation since the earliest years of his career.”

“But he has always denied being gay, telling an interviewer when the subject was raised 35 years ago: ‘It makes no odds to me what people say, but I think my girlfriend (Steph) would have something to say about it.’”

He said he had never had a sexual relationship with a man. “I never felt like it, no, absolutely not.”

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“This was the official line”

It’s no wonder Schofe and Holly felt so comfortable to cross another one at the Queens lying in state. 



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