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EXCLUSIVE: Barrymore Pulled Out Of His Big TV Comeback Over Lubbock Doc, Claims Insider 



MANIPULATIVE Micheal Barrymore allegedly “pulled out” of his big ITV comeback in January due to Channel 4’s Lubbock documentary, it has been claimed. 

An ITV insider told Politicalite that the star “faked” a wrist injury weeks before he was due to return to prime-time TV on ITV’s hit-show Dancing on Ice.

Barrymore, 67, said he was “absolutely devastated” to quit the ITV show and thanked the public for their “overwhelming support” during an appearance on This Morning last month. 

“Shortly after shooting the Dancing On Ice Christmas Special I took a tumble whilst rehearsing for the January shows” claimed Barrymore. 


“After the fall, I thought I had sprained my wrist but it turns out that it is broken. Unfortunately, the medics have told me that I cannot compete.”

“I am absolutely devastated; I have loved every second of the journey so far with my wonderful dance partner Alex Murphy and the support from the public has been overwhelming.”

ITV bosses were also said to be worried that the Channel 4 documentary would overshadow the mega-hit show that attracts millions of viewers. 

The former star of Saturday Night TV star has been branded a ‘Manipulator’ by Stuart Lubbocks father, Terry as Britain gave a damning verdict following the airing of the documentary. 

Terry said: “He’s a clever man. He is a master manipulator, there’s two sides to that man, a dark side and the side you see on television.


“Over the years I’ve had a glimpse of his dark side, I think it’s time that everyone sees that side to him.

“I hope that the penny will drop with everyone and they will question him and what he did that night. The police should have nailed it. He needs to put whoever killed my son in the spotlight.”

Barrymore, 67 is alleged to have been involed in a massive ‘cover-up’ in relation the death of Lubbock, then 31. Essex Police have put up a ‘£20,000’ reward to find Stuarts killer(s). 

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