FAIR ON FOX: Actor’s union APOLOGISES to Laurence Fox

LAURENCE Fox has received an apology from his acting union. 

Equity has apologised to the actor and have agreed to pay him compensation, regarding previous comments they made about the actor’s viral appearance on the BBC political panel show Question Time.

The union on Twitter had announced that they were ‘sorry’ about their former comments about Fox (of which were made by their Minority Ethnic Members Committee), whereby they called him a ‘disgrace’:

In their full statement on the matter, they claimed that:

‘We are sorry that in the tweets he was called a ‘disgrace’ by Equity. It was a mistake for Equity as an organisation to criticise him in this way. Nothing in Equity’s later statement was intended as a slur on his character or views or to suggest that he should be denied the ability to work. We would like to make that clear’.

They also added that both them and Fox ‘condemn prejudice unequivocally in all its forms’. The Equity Minority Ethnic Members Committee, who’d previously made the comments against Fox, also stated on their Twitter account that ‘with deep regret’, they had ‘no choice but to resign’, leading to the renaming of their organisation as the Equity Race Equality Committee:

Their previous statement had come as a result of the British actor appearing on Question Time, whereby he claimed that an audience member (that being Edge Hill University lecturer Rachel Boyle) was being ‘racist’ against him for stating that he was a ‘white, privileged male’ for defending the controversial treatment of actress and former Duchess Of Sussex Meghan Markel by the British press. While some criticised his stance, many others supported him, leading to the union receiving much backlash for their complaints about him.

Fox on his Twitter account acknowledged the statement by Equity, after having a break from social media, because the backlash he got from his appearance on the show.

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