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FERN’S PAP RAGE: Former This Morning Presenter left “Distressed and Shaken” 

FORMER ITV Presenter Fern Britton Shaken Up By Paparazzi. She took to Instagram to tell her online fans what just happened. 

She told her following about the past about this guy by name, George Bambi. She went onto talk about how the photographer tries to claim they are “a film star’s long lost son”

Britton went on to say that this Paparazzo has been taking pictures of her in the past, She even received a handwritten letter from him apologizing in the past for being a menace. 

She started talking about the past creepy old man on what he used to do when he spotted her outside. She mentioned that he used to have a van with a circular window opening to point his camera out the window to capture shots easier. He would even bring some young boy on a moped as the spotter with a L plate, so you wouldn’t know which vehicle he was driving. 

She hasn’t seen the pair in years, Sadly her nightmare came true… she saw creepy pair yesterday up in her little village as she was out and about. She knew it was him because of his huge stomach. He tried to hide from her in a doorway at some surf shop. She got into her car and saw the man in her car mirror, running across the road to try to get to his car. She was hiding out in a car park at a pub and just watching his moves. She came out of the car park, and saw they were driving in her direction. 

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When she got out of the chemist’s, there he was on the other side of the street with his camera lens out. She asked some people walking about if there was a man with a camera lens across the street. George was hiding in the brushes, there was a delivery man who said to her, “Yeah, he’s hiding behind the cars. Let me help you! Jump in my van.” The van door was open, George stood at the back of the van and said he was sorry and he wasn’t going to take a picture of her. He was going to put his camera down. Fern called him every swear word she could think of.

The delivery driver dropped her off at her car. George came out of nowhere and started yelling at her saying “Oh you always want a drama.” George said I don’t get any money from your pictures anyway, no one will pay for your pictures. He said he was after Hugh Grant. Fern describes the event with Mr. Bambi has creepy, and stressful. 

Fern said if you see any pictures of me looking like this wearing a black top and glasses, just know the pictures were taken under distress. Any magazines who use the pictures he has, you are WRONG! SO WRONG! 

Talk about creepy and scary!! The 65 year old Former ITV Star doesn’t deserve the ongoing stress from the Paparazzi since she left the spotlight back in 2009.

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