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FOR THE RIGHT PRICE: Katie Price says she wants to adopt a Nigerian Orphan

KATIE Price has sparked debate after announcing she is to adopt a Nigerian orphan after a visit to a Nail salon. 

The former glamour girl turned reality star revealed the strange news on ITV’s This Morning on Monday.

Price, 40 claimed that she has already started the process and was ‘planning’ on jetting out to the poverty-stricken African nation.

Credit: Granada Productions

Katie, who became a household name after falling in love with Peter Andre on 2004’s I’m A Celebrity claimed she planned to go to Nigeria last weekend ‘but had to cancel’ as it was ‘her turn’ to have the kids.

A stunned Phillip and Holly Willoughby listened on as Katie revealed: “I always said I wanted to adopt an orphan. I don’t care if they have disabilities or what age they are.”

STUNNED: Holly and Phillip were left stunned by Katie’s announcement. CREDIT: ITV Studios

“I feel like I can offer them a place.” added Price.

The Pricey said she was inspired after talking to a woman at her nail salon who works with an orphanage in Nigeria.

“She was telling me how she was looking after this orphan and I told her I always wanted to adopt.”

“It is SO hard to adopt over here, I’ve looked into it for ages. The thing is, it’s easy to adopt abroad but it’s not easy to bring to them back in the country.”

Katie will follow in the footsteps of Madonna, who famously adopted a child from Malawi in the mid-noughties.

Madonna and then-husband Guy Ritchie adopted a 13-month-old African boy called David Banda.

The Malawian government allegedly helped Maj bend the rules after she reportedly promised more than a million pounds in aid

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  1. Sylvi Clark

    28 January 2019 at 14:54

    Silly women, she is having to sell her home because she is in financial difficulty, and already has four children and one very disabled son who is now I believe 16 or 17, from her relationship with a well known footballer. It’s not a good idea Katy, believe me, and the UK does not need to bring in third world offspring, if this was permitted it would set a precedent, and we would see many more taken in by liberal loony appeasers. The UK already does more than its fair share by sending in aid to these impoverished nations, as the second largest contributor of foreign aid in the world enough is enough. It’s time we started looking after the growing number of British children living in poverty, as well as our ex Armed Forces personal who have been abandoned homeless on Britain’s streets.

  2. Rodney Goodall

    29 January 2019 at 10:54

    This is all just another ploy to seek attention, and therefore make money, which she now has through all the media interviewing her. If she was so set on adopting, she could have just gone ahead, without the fanfares and publicity.

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