GO ON, TYSON! Britain’s Gypsy King Headed To White House To Meet Prez Trump

BRITAIN’s Gypsy King is headed for the White House to meet President Trump following his impressive win in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Tyson Fury beat dosser Deontay Wilder in what some say was the most exceptional performance of his career, in which many doubted his abilities.

He won the world heavyweight title. The belt he first won in 2015 when he defeated Russian Vladimir Klitschko.

Following what was billed as the ‘greatest fight of the past 50 years’, US President Donald Trump issued an invite to Mr Fury, who was born in Manchester to visit the White House, along with the dosser.

Mr Trump said outside the White House before his trip to India: “By the way that was a great fight. Did you watch it? You liked it? That was a great fight, two great fighters. It was really very exciting,”

“Maybe, We have to bring them both to the White House. I don’t know because that was really a good one. In fact, I think we’ll do that.”


Tyson, and his wife Paris who grew up as travellers in trailers and brings up his children in true Gypsy tradition is showing just how far a person can go, no matter their background.


On ITV’s documentary on the champion fighter, Tyson told of his dreams to make sure his Children stay in Education after the age of 11 – something many Travellers do not do, he branded those who take their kids out of education as “dream killers”

He revealed how he hoped to put his five kids – boys Prince, Prince, Prince and daughters Valencia and Venezuela into secondary education in a debate with wife Paris on ITV’s reality series on the champion fighter.

In the series that airs on Thursday nights on ITV, Fury, 32 said he thought it would be the right thing for their youngsters and said he hoped other Travellers would follow suit.

Paris said: “Me and Tyson have talked about the kids going to school, Tyson wants the boys to go into education and I don’t. ‘It’s just not what we’ve ever done. It’s not what we do.’ ”

But Tyson was having none of it and asked exactly who ‘we’ meant, she said: ‘Travellers.'”

“I was brought up like a traveller, and I want my kids to be brought up as travellers,’ she said.

Paris explained that her children would be educated at home, and would only leave the family house once they have married.

Tyson hit back, fuming: “Do you think you live a traveller’s lifestyle? Because I don’t.”

“I think you live like a footballers’ wife. So you’re breaking the tradition as well, aren’t you?’”

Speaking about the changes he wanted to make in the community, Tyson said: “Now I’ve set these laws and precedents you watch how many will follow. Watch!”

On Travellers who refuse to send their kids to school or higher education, Tyson said: “I call them dream killers. ‘Because [they say], “Oh, you never get anywhere because you’re a traveller or because they don’t want you to do it”.

“I hate dream killers, you can’t do this, you can’t do this, who is anybody to say you can’t do anything.”

More follows. 

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