HE’S GONE NUTS! Raheem Kassam SLAMS Morgan “You’ve got ZERO engagement” 

FORMER Breitbart London boss Raheem Kassam tore into moaning Piers Morgan after the GMB host again attacked President Trump, yet again in an interview with The Sunday Times. 

In a feature-length interview, Mr Morgan, 58 claimed that Mr Trump did not deserve to be re-elected due to his handling of the Coronavirus, showing his true turn back to his leftist roots. 

He told the paper: “. “Right now, I do not think he deserves to be re-elected.”

Morgan claimed that Trump had made the situation “deliberately worse” by touting “stupid, crazy theories” 

Raheem Kassam, who now lives in Washington and edits The National Pulse, was having none of it. 

Defending the President, Mr Kassam tweeted: “When is @piersmorgan going to realise he’s a washed up old clown who no one serious cares about?” 

Piers failed hit back, touting his 7.2m follows, yet his attack got barley any engagement. 

Kassam fired back: “I reckon I could get to “within 7.2 million followers” of @piersmorgan if I too were willing to sell my soul to media corporates with phone hacking scandals, publishing fake and offensive claims about British troops, and getting hired and fired by CNN… “

He was also attacked by OAN anchor Jack Posobiec who joked: “Does Piers even realize how bad he owned himself here?” 

Morgan was again slammed today by right-winger and Brexiteers after he returned to Good Morning Britian, and doubled down on his attacks. 

The host tore into Tory MP Andrew Bridgen and was applauded by leftwing commentators such as Aaron Bastini and Remainers. 

Lord Sugar also slammed the host and said he was in “motor mouth mode”. 

The People’s Sugar joked “@piersmorgan is back in full ratchet jaws motor mouth mode.” 

“It seems he is hyperactive spewing out Gov criticism. Looks like he has saved up material he can say in his week off. A bit like a squirrel in hibernation.” 

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