HOMELANDS: Katie Hopkins to appear at Israeli screening of ‘banned’ doc

KATIE Hopkins has announced that she will appear in Israel at a screening of Homelands, a documentary on the “forced Jewish and Christian exodus from Western Europe”.

Hopkins is known for his criticism of radical Islamism, which she says is a threat to western civilisation. Her videos have made her famous throughout the English speaking world.

Thousands of French Jews have fled France in recent years to take refuge in their new home of Israel.

The Israeli government encourages what is known as Aliyah, which is the return of the Jewish people to Israel from the diaspora. Tens of thousands of Jews move from Europe to Israel each year.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has urged for the mass return of Jews to the homeland from Europe. Critics in European countries have argued that Netanyahu is playing on the fears of Jews to encourage them to move. Some say this is done to increase his voter base.

Thousands of European Jews continue to make the move and are granted automatic Israeli citizenship. Many of these people have chosen to move to the settlements in the West Bank, and have joined the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

Hopkins will be joined by Janice Atkinson, a former MEP who served as Co-Vice President of Marine Le Pen’s Europe of Nations and Freedom group in the European Parliament. Atkinson is known for her staunch support for the State of Israel and applauded President Trump for recognising Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish people.

Numerous cancellations nearly put a halt to Hopkins’ plan for the screening of Homelands. Three cancellations occurred due to agitation from left-wing organisations.

The Beit Uri Zvi cultural centre announced on Tuesday that it agreed to host the Hopkins screening. This was made at the request of Jerusalem’s Deputy Mayor, Fleur Hassan-Nahoum.

Beit ur Zvi tweeted “We believe in open political dialogue with true freedom of speech, and that means listening to everyone.”

Hopkins responded to her critics by tweeting “Nice try leftists. We will prevail.”

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