HYPOCRITE! Piers Morgan MOANED about Prince Charles & Camilla Getting Corona Tests 

PIERS Morgan moaned about Prince Charles and Camilla receiving COVID-19 tests during the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Morgan was on hiatus from Good Morning Britain Monday in a Coronavirus scare.

He took to Twitter and said: “On medical advice, and out of an abundance of caution for a mild symptom that arose in past 48hrs, I’ve had a test for COVID-19 and so won’t be working on GMB until I get the result back, which should be tomorrow.”

However, Piers Morgan took to Twitter on the 25th March and moaned: “I don’t begrudge Prince Charles & Camilla having COV-19 tests given he is the heir to the throne.”

“But there are legitimate questions to be asked about why members of the royal fmaily can instantly get them but NHS workers can’t.” 

When he needed one, however, Piers was happy to have a test despite many NHS workers being unable to book a test. 

Morgan, 58 who has been facing a barage of criticism over his ‘tabloid’ coverage of the Coronavirus took a test after starting to feel unwell over the last 48 hours.

Morgan was involved with a spat last week with Paul Joseph Watson after Morgan went after President Trump. 

His ratings also saw a 42% drop in April – partly to do with his ‘bully-boy’ tactics against Tory ministers.

Morgan was also so triggered by Politicalite’s coverage of his spat with ‘handsome’ Paul Joseph Watson and subsequent viewing figures collapse, that he blocked Britain’s Number ONE Right-Wing News Website.

The Leftie hack who partied with Jeffrey Epstein bottom girl Gislaine Maxwell back in 2013, later tried to claim his programme saw viewing figures of over 2 million, but this was exposed as… you guessed it, fake Iraqi-style news. 

Just like dear old Baghdad Bob, Morgan proclaimed that there was no problem and that everything was fine at GMB towers, and later blocked Politicalite after our reports of his arse kicking by handsome Paul Joseph Watson and his ratings fail.  

“Extraordinarily high @GMB ratings again yesterday, peaking at nearly 2 million viewers. Thank you for watching, we will continue to inform you about this unfurling crisis.” he posted to Twitter.

However, official BARB figures revealed that Good Morning Britain only peaked at 2m when viewers tuned into the later edition hosted by Breakfast legend Loraine Kelly…after the fake news charlatan had gone off air. 

The average for Piers’ 6-9am spot was a measly 874,900, a far cry from his claim of 2m viewers.

Despite his changing of political sides, Politicalite wishes Mr Morgan a speedy recovery. 

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