Is Anton the CRINGIEST Love Island Contestant Ever? – Asks Benny James

SO DURING the show we all saw on Friday night, Anna was describing the guy she wanted to couple up with” writes social media star Benny James. 

While the tension ramped-up over who Lucie Donlan would choose to be her partner between Joe Garratt and Tommy Fury, it was the fate of Anton Danyluk that gave viewers a chuckle.

Gym owner Anton had been working his way around the girls as he looked to get himself into a couple and avoid being the first boy to be dumped from the ITV2 dating show.

Anton tries to schmooze the girls to buy a ticket to remain inside the villa.

The Scottish whelp had launched a plan to woo Anna Vakili and steal her from the arms of Sherif Lanre, who had coupled up with her at the start of the week.

As Anna made the compliment, Anton immediately began to beam with a cheesy grin, cockily convinced that the curvy bombshell was referring to him.

Anna begins to describe the “sexy” man she wants to couple with.

“Anton was so sure Anna was talking about him” said Benny. ‘He’s got a sexy body’ she said, teasing-out her decision.”

“But then she picks… sherif” Benny laughed. “The look on Anton’s face was priceless. With the constant cringe banter and the cockiness Anton has in the villa it was about time he got shut down and put back on a stool.”

The awkward smirk followed by the even more awkward face of disappointment.

Viewers left in stitches were quick to turn to Twitter, flooding the social media platform with a barrage of hilarious tweets mocking the cockiness of the over-confident Scot.

“There’s a difference from being confident and being a pr*k” Benny added. “The type of image he’s trying to play was so 2014”.

Unfortunately for some viewers however, Anton was eventually coupled-up, and remains in the show. 

The cringe-fest continues. 

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