IS LOVE ISLAND RACIST? Benny James Claims Black Islanders Are Treated Different

SOCIAL Media star Benny James has said that black contestants of the smash-hit reality show are treated differently to white contestants.

Benny, who found fame after being exposed as a ‘love-rat’ who bedded over 700 women, told Politicalite that “black contestants are treated differently in the villa.” echoing claims by past contestants.

Love Island Star – Tommy Fury

“Over the past few years that Love Island has been on our screens, there seems to be a constipating pattern on the show” added Ben.

He’s not alone in thinking this, former Ex-Love Island star Malin Andersson agreed with Benny and said: “surely something needs to change” replying to his viral tweet that was seen by over one million people during launch night.

‘Something Needs To Change’ said ex-Islander Malin Andersson 

On Monday when the show launched on ITV2 the white contestants of the spanish Villa coupled up first, while black contestant Yewande found herself left until last.

Yewande, who is an intelligent scientist from Dublin, wasn’t chosen by any of the men, or initially even kissed during any of the ‘challenges’.

Love Islands Yewande – (Left)

On Day 5 that changed and she kissed mixed-race firefighter from Liverpool, Michael Griffiths.

Samira Mighty, a contestant last year and the first black woman to star on the show since it began in 2015 told the Mail that there was a similarity with what happened to her.

‘I was obviously the token [black woman] on the show, it was easy to work that out. I only had to look at the line of girls when I arrived at the villa,’ Samira, a West End musical star, told The Mail on Sunday.


‘There was nobody else who looked like me. ITV are desperate to be diverse, but that is coming across in a way that is quite unfortunate for them. Yewande is a token, too, it’s obvious what is happening.

‘She is the only black girl, and has had little interest from the men, who seem to like blonde white girls with big boobs – or any screen time as a result.’

‘We haven’t seen Yewande’s personality,’ says Samira.

‘She looks uncomfortable. She probably feels out of place – maybe her culture is different to that on the show. She might normally hang around with predominately black people. It’s annoying and sad for me that in 2019 this apparent separation between people of different colours still happens.’

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