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KEEP UP: Top 10 legendary Kardashian family pranks

THE KARDASHIAN family is known for being one of America’s most famous and wealthy. But many people don’t know that they are also masters of the art of pranks.

Kardashian family pranks are the stuff of legend. From hiding snakes in each other’s beds to pretending to be ghosts, they’ve pulled some seriously epic pranks on one another over the years. Since Kardashian family pranks have become a fixture in American pop culture, it’s only fair that we reflect on the emotional highs and lows they’ve brought us over the past decade.

Here are ten of their best family pranks, ranging from funny to downright mean.

1.    Sleeping Poop

The best family pranks are the ones the sisters play on each other. Khloé and Kourtney Jenner played a joke on their sister Kendall, who was trying to get some shut-eye. Even if the joke didn’t work out in the end, it was still among the best of the bunch. Here, Kendall’s two older sisters attempted to trick her into thinking she peed her pants by smearing chocolate on them. Ironically, they could not pull it off just as Kendall opened her eyes.

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2.    Kris & Wine

Young people are just some of the ones who can crack a good joke. Parental overseer Kris Jenner demonstrated her prankster skills here. Just give Kris Jenner a glass of wine, and she’ll pull off one of her infamous drunken prank calls, making her the funniest mother of six kids ever.

3.    The Todd Kraines Family Prank

Despite their apparent age, call-recording pranks can occasionally be the most hilarious. That’s precisely what happened when Scott Disick pretended to be Todd Kraines, a friend of the Kardashians’. The father of three posed as Todd and called Kris at random. All the other family members broke out broad grins since this was so innocuous and hilarious. Khloe, Kourtney, and Tristan Thompson’s baby mother thought the prank was so funny that they insisted Scott play it on them often. This prank’s peaceful and positive vibes make it a top contender for the best Kardashian family prank ever. Now, a call recorder app lets you join in on the fun. iCall, a call recorder app for iPhone, enables you to record conversations with your friends and family, and then play back the recording calls for some serious laughs. Whether you’re planning your prank call or just want to eavesdrop on a conversation, the free trial of this phone recorder iPhone app is a must-have for any fan of the famous family.

4.    Mr Art Vandelay

Sometimes, the best pranks are those no one expects. In this family prank, Khloé and Amelia Hamlin’s boyfriend, Scott Disick, work together to mislead Kris Jenner. Kris was duped into thinking that one of them was a want-to-be artist named Art Vandelay. The practical joke was played out across several episodes and was often profound.

5.    Passing the Torch

The prank-call champion passed Jenner’s skills on to her kids, but Khloé is the only one who knows how and when to use them on hesitant older sister Kourtney. Khloé played a prank on her older sibling, and Jenner acted as a silent but vigilant accomplice.

6.    Mime Your Manners

Although the 64-year-old has a lot on her plate between her family, her 10 grandchildren, and her various businesses, she always finds time for retribution. Khloé decided to brighten her mother’s day by having a mime handcuffed to her, but Jenner got even by giving her daughter a taste of her own medicine.

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7.    Teepee Attack

What is the most iconic Kris Jenner Prank? Teepee Attack! The Kardashian family is at it again. This time, they targeted their youngest member, Kylie Jenner. Teepees were erected all around her property, and when she walked outside, the family jumped out from behind them and scared her half to death. Kylie was so surprised that she fell to the ground. It was a moment of pure hilarity for the family, who enjoyed a good laugh at her expense.

8.    Security Scam

Jenner wanted to show her daughter that no one would stand in the way of her entering Kim’s home freely as Kim’s mother when the family determined that Kim’s Pentagon-level security at her home was too difficult to get through. Jenner “was tackled” by Kim’s security in an Oscar-worthy performance, and Khloé made a frantic call to prove her point. She took the family prank to a whole new level by having a friend lay in a stretcher while she wore a fake neck brace.

9.    When Kim Lost an Earring

Having lost a $75,000 earring when she was tossed into the waves, Kim’s response was so intense that it has now become a meme (i.e., Stress Level: Kim Kardashian Losing Her Diamond Earring in the Ocean). It wasn’t lost, but the story of her ridiculous reaction lives on.

10. Fake Baby North

This was a practical joke on Kris’s talk show, which was canceled before it aired. But since the chat show was also broadcast on KUWTK, it counts. Awkward and embarrassing for Khloé and Kourtney, who don’t want the talk show to be all about their family prank, Kris tries to fool her audience into thinking she’s debuting baby North in the tape.

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