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LOCKDOWN LIFE: What Is On (And Off) In Music, Sports And TV

NOW that a lot of us are needed to stay at home, being indoors practically 24/7, it’s important to know what we have on offer to keep us entertained. After all, a lot of talk has surrounded what’s going to be on the TV for the future, which is one of the main modern ways to keep up with what’s going on out there. 

But even the TV is looking bare these days, and it’s a sure thing that we’re going to miss a few things in the upcoming months; let’s go through some of the biggest events or fixtures that have been either cancelled or postponed. 

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Sporting Events

A lot of sporting events won’t reach the field or the court this year, or seem likely to in the upcoming months. If you’re a big fan of sports, it’s good to find out now which events you won’t need to crowd around the TV to watch your favourite competitors with plenty of snacks once the season hits. Live sports in total have been halted, and you will not be able to watch a live game on the TV for an indefinite period. 

During this current period, you may even be able to ‘pause’ a TV sports package or subscription, seeing as you won’t be using it. You can check out this list of Which Sports Are Still On in 2020 if you want a fully in depth and detailed look at what’s either been cancelled or postponed in the sporting world. 

Music Festivals

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A lot of big music festivals and other musical events have been halted for the upcoming months, including big shows on Broadway and in the West End – almost £800 million was made in London off of theatre profits in 2019, so a good portion of readers may need to visit a ticket issuing website for a refund right now. 

Similarly, in early March it was announced that big music festivals like Coachella in America, as well as Stagecoach, have needed to be moved towards the end of the year. 

Annual Festivities 

Whilst Christmas is a good while away yet, annual festivities across the UK may also be put on hold for the time being. A lot of towns across the nation have annual light ceremonies in the later months of the year, and quite a few have had to cancel due to the uncertain nature of public needs over the upcoming months – the most recent cancellation has occurred in Ellon

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Indeed, even celebrations for Easter have been cancelled, most notably by the Vatican themselves. Video feeds of the Pope conducting mass will be used instead. 

The upcoming months have had quite a few cancellations and postponements – for anyone keen to stay up to date with entertainment news, make sure to keep the TV on, and the internet connected to your smartphone. News sources are still operating 24/7, and will ensure you get the news about your favourite events straight to you.

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