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NO BLACKS, NO IRISH: Tyson Fury Reveals SHOCKING Anti-Traveller Racism He Experienced

GYPSY King Tyson Fury revealed shocking details of racism he faced for being an Irish Traveller.

The World Heavyweight told Good Morning Britain he was once thrown out of a restaurant, as they did not allow Travellers to enter.

He was speaking following the tragic death of George Floyd who was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis.

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The Death of George Floyd in Minneapolis: What We Know So Far ...

Protests have gripped the world, turning violent, today BLMUK protesters defaced Whitehall and attacked British cops.

Tyson said Floyd’s death was “unacceptable” but highlighted racism towards White people too.

“I’m a white male and I suffer racism in 2020 because I’m a traveller, I come from an ethnic background,” said Tyson.

“Even today you go into pubs, bars, restaurants and it says ‘we reserve the right to not let travellers in, no travellers allowed, gypsies or travellers.

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“So it’s not just black people who suffer racism. I think travellers are at the most acceptable form of racism in Britain and around the world.”

“It’s still acceptable to be racist towards travellers. Nothing ever gets done about it, no one ever says anything, it’s just accepted – it is what it is.”

“It’s terrible because you can’t judge everybody with the same brush,” he added.

“To have such things go on in my life with what I’ve been through and to see that on doors, to even be refused as a person, not as an ethnic group or whatever, as a person I’ve been refused entry even when I was world heavyweight champion.”

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“I know what it feels like to be racist towards.”

“Unacceptable behaviour at anytime of the year and from anybody.”

“And it’s not just whites, blacks, browns. Anyone can be a racist person, any colour, any background, it doesn’t matter. You can see it and it needs to change.”


A DIRECTOR who worked on Channel 4’s “The Truth About Traveller Crime” tweeted vile anti-Gypsy comments, Politicalite can exclusively reveal. 

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Sharon Ward – a top telly director, has also worked on BBC Stacey Dooley programmes and won “Best Popular Factual Documentary,” at the One World Media Awards.

In 2011, Sharon tweeted anti-Gypsy hate online in comments unearthed by Politicalite

In one rant the Channel 4 director appeared to brand members of the travelling community “nuggets” tweeting “Looking forward to seeing what nuggets @C4Dispatches comes up with tonight in. the Dale Farm eviction….” 

In another racist rant she said: “Should I be worried that all the travellers seem to have the surname of Ward??!” appearing to mock Gypsy surnames. 

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