NOW SHE’S DEADWOOD! Jedward Call Out BULLY Rachel Riley Amid Wiley-Gate

RACHEL Riley was owned by… none other than Jedward on social media yesterday after the Countdown host and ‘Anti Digital Hate’ activist was involved in online bullying and hate.

Rachel Riley commented on the recent Twitter storm caused by rapper Wiley who was accused of anti-Semitism following a series of tweets.

Riley wrote: “He could have just done a duet with Jedward if he was that keen to end his career,” Rachel wrote.”

UK rapper Wiley goes on hours-long anti-Semitic Twitter rant | The ...

“An unprompted, still going, public antisemitic breakdown is a bizarre route to go down.”

Jedward however, we’re not going to let little miss censorship bully and commit hate crimes towards Irish people.

The former X-Factor contestants who are now prominent in Japan wrote: “You are a patron for a Center for Countering Digital Hate? And yet here you are spreading Hate!!”

“As anti bullying ambassadors we don’t approve of this!”

Rachel later apologised for her outburst.

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