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PUPPETS PIXELATED: Spitting Image AXED by BritBox

SPITTING Image has been axed by BritBox.

The legendary British satire puppet show that first aired in the 1980s was revived by ITV on streaming service BritBox in 2020 after 24 years away from our screens, but impressionist Matt Forde – who voiced former Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the programme, and was a writer on the series – believes it was “madness” not to bring the show back on ITV.

He told the i newspaper: “I thought it was madness not to have the whole series on mainstream ITV.

“They spent all that money bringing back this mega-brand only to hide it away on BritBox. It should have been on ITV, Channel 4, the BBC or Sky, where everyone could see it.”

A spokesperson for BritBox told the publication: “BritBox won’t be airing any additional original commissions due to the impending launch of ITVX. A ‘Spitting Image’ commission for ITV has not been confirmed or announced.”

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Matt insists there is a “huge public appetite” for a show like ‘Spitting Image’.

He added: “There is a huge public appetite for ‘Spitting Image’ in this country. I just can’t believe it’s not on a mainstream channel at a time like this.

“It got crazy numbers when the specials were on ITV and the online figures were going through the roof.”

‘Spitting Image’ originally aired on ITV from 1984 to 1996, and in March 2020 the show’s co-creator and executive producer, Roger Law, announced it was returning for its first series in 24 years.

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He said at the time: “I’ve refused to resuscitate ‘Spitting Image’ for years but when my pension ran out and my palm was crossed with silver what could an old man do?

“The new ‘Spitting Image’ will be global through a uniquely British eye, it will be more outrageous, audacious and salacious than the previous incarnation.

“With scandalous scripts and A-List characters, it will be the people’s programme!

“When Dominic Cummings finally gets the boot, ‘Spitting Image’ will give him a job.

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“We’ve always employed weirdos and are sure Dom will be a great asset, he seems to hate politicians as much as we do.

“We will take back control from the likes of BoJo, Trump, Harry Meghan, Elon Musk, and Kim Kardashian. We will be dazzled and amazed by Jurgen Klopp and Beyonce, we will have regular weather updates from our roving reporter Greta Thunberg.

“The timing is right, the puppets are ready, the people have spoken. And the message for the doomsayers and gloomsters is, this autumn we will get BritBox done!”

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