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REVEALED: New Audio Reveals Trump DID NOT storm off Piers Morgan interview

DONALD Trump has released an audio recording that blows apart Piers Morgan’s claims that he “stormed out” of an interview, claiming it was “editing”. 

Sources close to Trump told Politicalite that the video released by TalkTV was a “phony stunt” from Piers team. 

“Piers is a paid performer. Trump won and there’s plenty of evidence. The problem is the corrupt courts, and even the Supreme Court refused to hear evidence.” added the source. 

Morgan’s 30-second trailer, released on Wednesday night, appeared to show Trump walking out of the interview. 

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The New York Post and The Sun – owned by News Corp, who are launching TalkTV ran stories that claimed Mr Trump had demanded the production crew “turn the cameras off” and showed Trump storming out, as he brands Morgan “Very dishonest”. 

New audio now shows that Trump and Morgan ended the interview on good terms. 

The audio recording, provided by Trump’s spokesman to NBC News, reveals the two men ended the sit down thanking each other and laughing, with no sign of Trump storming off the set.  

“That was a great interview,” Morgan says in the audio at the end.

Trump agrees with a “yeah.”

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“Thank you very much. I really appreciate it,” Morgan says.

That’s when Trump says, “Turn the camera off.” By then, the former president had already risen from his chair, according to his communications director, Taylor Budowich, who supplied the audio to NBC News.  


PIERS Morgan later claimed Donald Trump was “almost foaming at the mouth” ahead of the interview that will launch his new global show next week.

The 57-year-old TV presenter described the minutes leading up to his conversation with the former US president, which will air with the launch of his show, Piers Morgan Uncensored, in a column in The Sun.

Morgan said that, shortly before the interview, Mr Trump had been handed a three-page document detailing critical comments the journalist had made about him on topics including his “woeful handling” of the coronavirus pandemic and his response to defeat in the 2020 presidential election.

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Morgan’s 75-minute interview, which took place at Mr Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, will be screened on TalkTV on Monday at 8pm.

Writing about a crisis meeting that took place ahead of the interview, he said: “I’d never seen him so livid or felt so uncomfortable in his presence as I did right now. He was almost foaming at the mouth and kept shaking his head slowly and menacingly at me, like Don Corleone when he felt he was disrespected.

“There was no point in trying to deny the quotes. I’d said them, and I’d meant them.

“‘I’ve always been critical of you when I’ve felt you deserved it,’ I eventually said. ‘But as you know, I’ve also written and said many supportive things about you too. This is a one-sided hatchet job designed to stop you doing our interview.’

“‘It’s definitely a hatchet job,’ he retorted, ‘On me!’”

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