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SAVE OUR JIM! Lefties Call For Jim Davidson To Be BANNED From Twitter Following #BGT Rant

COMEDIAN Jim Davidson could face being BANNED from Social Media after the iconic 90s telly host waded in on the BGT Black Lives Matter row. 

Davidson, a firm favourite among everyday Brits joked that Diversity “should do a mugging dance” adding that they “don’t give a f*** about George Floyd” and asked ‘Diversity, what the f*** do you want?’ following the highly political BLM dance that has seen the silenced majority send Ofcom over 24,000 complaints and 450k viewers switching off.

He added: “You just want to be famous all around the world – you don’t give a f*** about George.”

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The former Big Break host went on: “You don’t see white couples on adverts anymore, do you? Most TV presenters are non-white.”

“The Golden Girls, you know that film The Golden Girls with all them old birds? That’s being made by black people.”

Jim Davidson - Forum Theatre Billingham

He mentioned the recent attack on a White female in the US adding: “There’s loads of white people sticking up for you, sticking up for Black Lives Matter – young white girls walking around with banners.”

“Well, I say most young girls, Gemma’s sister is not holding up a banner as she was violently mugged by three black men. Perhaps Diversity can do a mugging thing.”

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Jim added: “We are now going back down the snake because people are not bothering.”

“The BAME community, what the f*** does that mean? The Asian community who have big families are taking no notice and staying together.”

Jim Davidson slammed after saying Diversity 'should do mugging dance' amid BGT row - Mirror Online

“They have a bubble of 300 in a f****** house. This is why it is happening in these areas. These areas are predominantly BAME areas.”

“So f****** sort yourselves out, instead of walking around doing knees and protesting. Save your family.”

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Despite a backlash, The marmite funny man who won Celebrity Big Brother in 2014 vowed that he would not be silenced. 


The marmite funny man who won Celebrity Big Brother in 2014 vowed that he would not be silenced.

He posted a video on his YouTube channel titled ‘Now The News Is Me!’, and said he won’t be “kicked off the TV”.

“I cannot be bullied, shut up or kicked off the TV.” said Jim, 66.

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Jim shared his concern for Black Lives in America but did not agree with the way BLM have gone about things.

“That George Floyd situation. It’s outrageous.”

” I won’t deal with the way people are protesting we all have to protest in our own way I mean I have my questions about that but I mean it was just outrageous that we’ve seen that picture.”

He added: “Whatever I say people are going to say “you’re racist”. I’ve grown up with that the same way people of colour grew up with racism.”

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A Twitter poll by Politicalite revealed that 90% said Davidson was not “racist or offensive” in his rant.

Micheal Faulkner said: “Of course not! It was just Jim being Jim; as always, honest, straight talking & funny!”

One said: “I find BLM offensive and Racist actually.”

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Shelby wrote: “What’s racist about it. Everything he said was true ! Fact.”

Eljay added: “He said exactly what needs to be said”

Politicalite has contacted Jim Davidson for Comment.



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