SECOND SERIES: Channel 4’s ‘The Circle’ Set For September Return

The Circle is a personal favourite when it comes to reality TV shows. It lacks the glitz and salaciousness of say Love Island but the first series was just as dramatic. The concept revolves around contestants being isolated in their camera-laden apartment and unable to interact with each other except via the social media platform The Circle of the shows name.

Contestants can either choose to be themselves or catfish their way through and last year the show was won by Alex Hobern who won £75,000 catfishing as ‘Kate’, a character loosely based on his real-life partner.

The show is due back on our screens soon and there have been some pretty major changes. It will be presented by Emma Willis, she of Big Brother fame. Willis seems genuinely excited about the project, saying;

“I’m an avid people watcher and fascinated by the positives and negatives of social media. I got hooked on the first series and thought it was a smart format that highlights how we shouldn’t take everything on social media at face value.

“I’m delighted to be part of something that is incredibly relevant and can’t wait to join the team and see how mischievous people are prepared to be for £100,000.”

One of the problems with The Circle was, relative to other shows of its genre, it lacked interactivity with the audience but Channel 4 is promising changes in that department. Keep your peepers peeled for more on this as the Circle once again reconvenes……

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