SHUT UP, DAVE: Rapper Wins ‘Album of the Year’, Then Offends ‘RACIST’ Britain… the country who PAY for his BROTHERS stays inside Prison after GRISLY murder

WOKE and predictable rapper Dave won Album of the Year at the Brit awards last night, then offended millions of working-class Brits by branding the British Prime Minister a racist. 

Dave, 21 who won an accolade for his Album Psychodrama said that the Prime Minister was a “real racist” from his privileged perch inside the elitist London bubble at the Brit Awards. 

‘Hood’ Dave – who studied law at a posh London university was also gifted a piano (You know, like all working-class boys receive) by his mother in 2012, age 14.

Dave has received a whole lot from Britain – not only did he receive a state education at both School and Univeristy thanks to the British taxpayer, but this generous country has also given Dave, real name David Orobosa Omoregie and his Nigerian family a home. 

The generous ‘racist’ British taxpayers who voted for Boris also fund the permanent residence of two of his Brothers who were involved in some pretty nasty crimes. 

Dave’s older brother Benjamin was jailed for four years for conspiracy to defraud and his other brother Christopher Omoregie was jailed in April 2019 for 18 years for his involvement in the gruesoume gangland murder of fifteen-year-old Sofyen Belamouadden who was kicked, punched and stabbed nine times by a gang of 20 teenagers at London Victoria station.

What did Dave do? Did he dedicate the song to the victim? No, He featured his evil murdering Brother in one of his tracks. 

Dave’s rapped: “the only person I ever f***ing idolised” and “my hero” Dave then defended his brother adding: “Is it survival of the fittest or is he a killer?”

Naina Ghailan, the mother of Sofyen who was just 15 when he died slammed Dave and his track as “disgusting”.

She told The Sun last year: “I’m appalled. How can he idolise a killer?”

“Someone who has taken a life? Anyone who buys such a song has got to be crazy.”

“When you kill a child, you kill a whole family. I am disgusted at this song.”

Sofyen Belamouadden the fifteen year old who died after he was stabbed in a vile attack at Victoria station.

Promising footballer Sofyen was kicked, punched and stabbed nine times by a gang of 20 teenagers. 

How can this be allowed?

“This person has taken Sofyen’s life, my life and my other children’s lives away. It’s outrageous to think he is in prison, but appearing on an album.”

Think about this, a man who studied Law, Philosophy and Ethics decided to PRAISE A MURDERER! 

The citizens of Britain have purchased and streamed his singles and albums. They paid for his education and how does Dave repay us? He brands you all racists. 

Educated Dave hit the big time and decided to brand millions of left behind Brits ‘really racist’, spare me the whining Dave. 

You know what Dave, you should be apologizing to the mother of the 15-year-old lad that was killed by your brother rather than attacking hardworking Brits who voted for a better life, the one that you now enjoy.

Shut up, Dave. 

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