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SOME MIGHT SAY.. IT WRONG: Noel Gallagher says new single inspired by fans who get lyrics wrong

NOEL Gallagher has revealed his new single is inspired by fans who camp outside his hotel and sing the wrong lyrics to his music. 

The former Oasis star has released a new track ‘Dead to the World’ with his band Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds which is taken from their upcoming album ‘Council Skies’ and the rocker has now revealed the song was written about his dedicated followers in Argentina who camp outside his hotel and sing the wrong lyrics to his music.

Speaking to Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Sounds, Noel explained: “Well actually, funnily enough, so when I go to Argentina I stay in this one specific hotel and Argentinian fans are, hands down, the greatest in the world … I get loads of kids, they stay outside this hotel 24 hours a day and they take it in shifts and the night shift always bring their guitars. 

“And I remember one night, the last night I was there, I couldn’t sleep, jet lag or something … and they were playing Oasis and High Flying Birds songs in the car park and they were all getting the words wrong, and I’m sitting there having a drink going, ‘That’s not the right words’, and that song started about me writing a song about it.”

Noel went on to reveal one of the lines in ‘Dead to the World’ links directly back to his experiences in South America, saying: “One of the lines in the song says ‘I’m going to write you a song, it won’t take me long and you can change all the words, but you’ll still get them wrong.’ 

“And it started off like that and then that ended up being the second verse.”

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He added of the track: “I guess it’s quite a personal song. I guess when people hear it they’ll understand why, but it’s about being too tired to argue. You know there’s the saying, ‘dead to the world’. I had to explain it to the French girls in the band what it meant. It’s like when you’re in the deepest of sleeps.”

‘Council Skies’ is due for release on June 2.



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