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SOMETHING GOT HIM STARTED: Simply Red in Twitter FIRESTORM after calling to “get the Tories out”

NINETIES singer Mick Hucknall got something started and lit the stars to a social media Twitter storm after he called for the Tories to get out of office.

The Manchester-born singer from Simply Red tweeted: “We’ve got to somehow get these Tories out of office.”

“They are corrupt, self serving, lying scumbags.”

“Asset stripping the UK. We simply can’t carry on like this.”

His opinion however, cashed a backlash among right-wing Twitter users and a Loose Women star. 

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ITV daytime debater Carol McGiffin hit back at Britain’s most famous ginger, telling the Money’s Too Tight To Mention hit maker: “Presume you think Labour is the answer but how exactly do you differentiate between Labour and the Tories these days???”

“They are ALL in the pocket of the WEF and so say/do all the same things???”

Rachel wrote: “It was the snivel serpents.”

“Boris looked at a cake in a tupperware box. Between meetings.  On his birthday. A few weeks after leaving ICU.”

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Aggiemore joked: “True to your band name so no surprises there …”

Whilst another told Huck to “stick to singing.”

Mick wasn’t holding back the years and hit back at one user with a sassy takedown.

The political fairground continues…. 

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