THIS MOURNING: Michael Barrymore OUTRAGES Viewers After This Morning Appearance

THIS Morning hit left viewers furious Wednesday after the hit-daytime show booked the disgraced 90s telly star Michael Barrymore to promote his new Instagram version of the hit ITV quiz show Strike It Lucky.

Barrymore, 68 infuriated Twitter over the killing of Stuart Lubbock who died in swimming pool in early 2001.

Manipulative Micheal allegedly “pulled out” of his big ITV comeback on Dancing on Ice in January 2020 due to the Channel 4 documentary on the death of Stuart Lubbock documentary.

An ITV insider told Politicalite earlier this year that the star “faked” a wrist injury weeks before he was due to return to prime-time TV.

His shady past did not stop the daytime ITV show – that has recently faced controversy over Phillip Schofield’s alleged affair with This Morning runner Mathew Mcgreevy who many claim was allegedly ‘groomed’ by the former Children’s TV host Phillip Schofield.

Twitter users were left outraged with Ms Lollie questioned why ‘this narcissist’ was on the show, as he hadn’t ‘come clean about what happened’ to Lubbock.

Another user going by the name of Stickymanners joked about not being able to think about Barrymore without the phrase ‘massive internal injuries’.

User Princess Meghan Markle’s Inner Voice felt he shouldn’t be on there because of that case, and user Michelle Harrison called his lack of regard for Stuart’s family ‘shameful’.

Another user Christian Reeve laid out a personal meeting with Barrymore, where he ‘freaked’ him ‘the hell out’ and user Michelle Giles argued that Lubbock was still waiting for ‘justice’.

Some did stick up for Barrymore however, with user Alex Dowling called Lubbock’s death an ‘accident’ and it wasn’t Michael’s fault and user James Sword arguing that Barrymore was ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and felt that it was ‘trial by trash news papers again’.

The case in question relates to his 2001 arrest for murder surrounding the death of Stuart Lubbock.

The 31-year-old Lubbock had gone back to Barrymore’s Essex mansion after meeting the star at a nightclub in Essex.

The coke-fulled after party had spiralled out of control, Lubbock was found dead in the swimming pool and Police were called.

It was later revealed that he had died of drowning, with drugs and alcohol in his system and anal injuries due to sexual assault.

Despite not being cleared over the death, this incident killed Barrymore’s career, and he has yet to make a full comeback.

Lubbocks father Terry Lubbock said that the TV star‘knows more than he’s letting on’ about the death of the working-class factory worker.

Terry, 74, called for the TV presenter to “clear your name” or “put your hands up”, as Essex Police and Crimestoppers offered a £20,000 reward for information.


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