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Top 10 Netflix Series for Learning English

ENGLISH is the language of global communication. No wonder why it is important to learn English in this era. Anyone who knows English can communicate with a person of a whole different language and culture. 

People who are good at English are seen as more successful in their careers than others. You can learn English in various ways, including from online tutors. But all these methods can be boring and discouraging. 

That is why we need to find some enjoyable ways to learn English. And the best of them is the Netflix series. 

Here you can learn without getting bored and turn on the English subtitles to hear clearly what they are saying. 

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The wide variety of Netflix shows will allow you to choose from beginner-level English to complex, which will be easier for you to learn. 

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List of The Best Netflix Series For English learning

  1. Black Mirror
Image Credit: Youtube

First on the list, we have Black Mirror. Just like the name says, it is a science fiction movie with a bit of a dark story. This is a futuristic series that will literally blow viewers’ minds. 

This series features different accents, which will be a fun experience for you to learn.

  1. House of Cards

Image Credit: Youtube

Stepping aside from the futuristic stories, now we are into real life. This is a show about a politician whose ambition is to become the next U.S. president at any cost.

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It has complex language and a thrilling story to enjoy. You can learn official English here.

  1. The Haunting of Hill House

Image Credit: Youtube

It is a paranormal series built around a family of seven members. The story starts when they buy a mansion in 1992 and start living in it.

 The family started to experience weird things, and then they realized that it was something paranormal. 

They had to flee, and after 26 years, the family reunites and talks about the incident.

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  1. The Last Kingdom

Image Credit: Youtube

This is a series based on the 9th century. It tells the story of the Vikings and the Kingdom of Wessex. It has an amazing plot and story to enjoy. 

This series uses complex English, which will be helpful for the learners. For new learners, it is recommended to turn on the subtitles.

  1. Stranger things

Image Credit: Youtube

There are very few people who do not know about this series. This is a masterpiece for science fiction lovers. This is a horror comedy show that anyone can enjoy.

 It has some creepy scenes that might throw you off the couch. Learners will enjoy this show for sure.

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  1. The Good Fight

Image Credit: USA TODAY

It is a good show for learners. The plot revolves around a good wfie and legal courtrooms.It has hilarious twists and thrills to enjoy. 

This movie is helpful for learning business English and getting entertained at the same time. You can watch this show with your friends and family.

  1. The Crown

Image Credit: Youtube

As you can assume from the name, it is related to some royal family members. This show is based on Queen Elizabeth’s early life.

 It clearly shows how her life was when she was newly married. It is a British English show. The Crown will be a great choice for people who want to learn British English.

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  1. Orange is the New Black

Image Credit: Youtube

This show is about a piper girl who commits a minor crime and ends up in prison.Then the show follows her adventure inside the prison in an orange suit. 

The prison is full of different cultures of people and different things. It has many American slang and curse words in every episode.

  1. Ozark

Image Credit: IMDB

It is a classic crime show. It is about a financial planner from Chicago who gets caught by his criminal clients for stealing from them. 

Then he flies to Ozark, a rural vacation area located in the middle of the United States. Their story is well narrated, which makes it easier for the watchers to understand.

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  1. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Image credit: IMDB

It is a supernatural horror show based on the Archie comic books, which were famous in the 1960s. Sabrina, who is half witch and half human, is the protagonist of this story. It is a famous show for its acting and directing. This show has some teenage slang which will help you learn English faster.


This article introduced you to 10 Netflix shows where you can learn English. As you already know, learning from books can get boring and discouraging for learners. So it is important to find other interesting ways of learning. 

That’s why learning English from TV show streaming platforms like Netflix is so important. You can watch the shows we recommended and described. It will be very helpful for you and your English skills. Turn on the subtitles and start watching. It helps a lot. 

If you still find it hard for you to learn from Netflix shows, Try online tutors from AmazingTalker.

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