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WE JUMP ANY QUEUE: Phillip Schofield SACKED from £1m-a-year job over queue-gate 

PHILLIP Schofield has been sacked as the face of following the Queue-gate row, with a petition to sack him from This Morning hitting a whopping 75k. 

A source told The Sun last night: “The We Buy Any Car ads are among the most regularly shown on telly – everyone knows them and the little tune that goes with it, and Phillip has been on them since 2018.” 

“It’s a massive deal, worth seven figures, but next week they’re shooting a new campaign and he’s not involved in any of it.” 

The campaign saw Phillip Schofield made out to be “the nicest man in Britain” and seen a statue to him erected as “Britain’s most popular man”. 


The row erupted on social media last week after the ITV star – who allegedly groomed a young boy who he went on to have an affair with on the set of This Morning – jumped the Queue for the Queen’s lying in state, and denied it, despite damning video evidence shared across social by Politicalite and other social media pages. 

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HOLLY Willoughby – who was forced to take the brunt of the backlash by cowardly Schofield – made an on-air statement written by This Morning bosses last Tuesday – but it failed to quell the daytime telly revolt. 

Despite making claims that they were there for “journalistic purposes” and that they did not jump a queue, it then emerged that they weren’t even on the media list to gain entry, proving viewers right. 

The bombshell turn in the queue gate saga came as a whopping 77,000 Brits signed a petition to axe Phillip, who has faced a massive backlash on social media over his alleged grooming and queue-jumping.

A source in Westminster told Politicalite: “They were involved in a hoo-ha” after turning up uninvited with two colleagues 10 days ago. 

“When they got their names weren’t on the list” the source added. 

“So there were some discussions and, after some back and fourth Phil and Holly were given access and they were ushered through. The whole thing caused abit of a hoo-ha” 

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ITV claimed the duo followed guidelines and attended the media area. via the media centre.” 


This Morning’s queue jump row has led to some of the 77,000 Brits who signed a petition calling for Phil and Holly to be sacked calling for the National Television Awards to hold a live re-vote on the Best Daytime Show, Politicalite can reveal. 

This Morning – which has won the ‘Best Daytime Show’ category every year since 2011, will see Holly and Phil appear at the later-than-planned National Television Awards in October. 

Last week, The Sun revealed that ITV bosses feared that Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield “may be booed at the annual telly bash. 

A source told the paper: “They could be booed walking down the red carpet or even on stage. It’s a major concern.”


Now some of the 77,000 fans calling for the National Television Awards to hold a live revote on the Best Daytime Show category on the night of the awards ceremony due to take place at London’s O2 arena. 

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A petition calling for ITV to sack the queue-jumping duo has now been signed by a whopping 73,575 people. 


PHILLIP Schofield and Holly Willoughby’s daytime queue row has made headlines in Australia.

Sky News Australia reported on the queue faced two as the social media storm raged on.

A telly source told The Sun that things on the show had become “miserable” since the row erupted.

“You can cut the atmosphere with a knife backstage.

“Phillip and Holly are furious about the backlash they’re getting and are blaming everyone else for what’s happened.”

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“The mood is awful behind the scenes and this isn’t going away. Everyone hopes it blows over soon.”


It comes as a petition calling for ITV to sack the duo topped a whopping 75,000 signatures.

The petition reads: ”Axe Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby from TV”

It was launched on Saturday by Laura Harrison, who branded the daytime duo ‘toxic.’

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“If enough people sign we can show ITV that the public do matter,” wrote Laura.


At 6am Tuesday morning the petition was at 15,000, but after a social media campaign led by Politicalite and other social media influencers it has now hit 77,000 as Brits refuse to believe ITV’s lies about Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby’s trip to Westminster Hall.



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