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WHY NOW? Perez Hilton and Joan Collins Speak Out On Phillip Schofield 

LEGENDARY Actress Joan Collins asked what the rest of Britain was thinking related to Phillip Schofield’s ‘Mass Coming Out’ when she appeared Monday’s Good Morning Britain Oscars special. 

During the morning shows Oscars special live from Los Angeles the diva asked the pannel: “What was the reason he suddenly felt he needed to go public with this, when a lot of people already knew. I mean, we all knew.”

When asked about how the revelation would affect Phillip’s family, she responded: “That’s what I thought when I saw it. I thought, why does he have to do that? It seems like he was living a fine life.”

She also claimed: “everyone who knew him [Phillip] knew he was gay,” 

“Why does he want to tell anybody and confess, as it were?” 


CELEBRITY blogger Perez Hilton also spoke about the “rumours of Inappropriate-ness” surrounding Phillip and chipped in: “As somebody who works in Entertainment and writes about celebrities I have so many other questions… I would love to hear more from him” 

“I’m sure when the time is right, he will share more.”  He also added: “There have been rumours of Inappropriateness” and Joan asked “what do you mean inappropriateness” before being shutdown by Piers Morgan. 

The rumours Joan and Perez spoke about are related to an alleged affair that Schofield, 57 was having with This Morning runner Matt McGreevy.

In 2014, before he landed the plush runner job on the hit daytime show Mr McGreevy, then 18, ‘got a taste for Television’ spending the day with Phil and his co-host Holly Willoughby after being invited for an ‘access all areas’ tour at ITV’s then-London Studios. 

McGreevy was also a member of The 2 Faced Theatre Academy in Holmfirth, were Phillip, 57, is a patron. The revelations and alleged affair have left many wondering what age Matthew was when the pair started a relationship and have also brought suggestions of Mr Schofield abusing his position of power.

Following the trip Matthew told The Manchester Evening News at the time: “I couldn’t believe how everything was done so quickly and I learnt a lot from Phillip Schofield.

“I am very new to TV, and I am always learning. I have learnt a lot from The 2 faced Theatre Academy and they have opened many doors for me.”

McGreevy and Schofield interacted well before 2014, in 2011 Phillip followed McGreavy on Twitter and Mathew tweeted at the host: “@Schofe hey phillip, thanks for following me, how are you?”

Schofield is alleged to have been having the affair with the runner and he was said to have been “furious” that Schofe had apparently ‘fucked him over’, and he was reportedly going to the press. 

McGreevy was also said to have had a ‘close working relationship’ with Schofe, but after they had a ‘bust up’ with McGreevy left This Morning to work on rival show Loose Women. 

Ruth Langsford, Centre Mathew Magreacvy, Right

ITV said that the runner was ‘promoted’ but other staff were said to be ‘confused’ about the move. 

“It was odd because they were so close and then he up and went to Loose Women and they didn’t seem to be talking much anymore,” one source told the Sun in 2019. 

At the time ITV said: “It’s deeply disappointing and unfair for Phillip to be the target of this sort of malicious gossip.” 

Schofe was also spotted drinking with McGreevy back in 2015 in an internet prank video posted by YouTuber JackJonesTV who was popular in the mid-2000s.

A show insider told The Daily Star Sunday: “Lots of people who work at This Morning have known Phillip is gay for a few years.

“It was an open secret among the team but none of them would have ever said anything about it publicly.”

And according to one source, he often took younger gay guys “under his wing” and became a mentor to them.

They said: “Phillip is a very caring guy. Over the years he has supported others who are gay and made sure they feel comfortable to be themselves.

“There was one runner who was struggling to deal with his sexuality and Phillip was quick to offer support and become a mentor for him.”

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