EUROPE NEEDS FREEDOM: Salvini Blasts Brussells

ITALY’S Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, has led the charge against the crumbling Brussels bloc ever since taking office. Speaking to the Washington Post, he dismissed political critics who sneer at popularism: “The word ‘populism’ is a compliment to me.”

Despite entering a coalition government with the 5* movement as the junior partner, his Lega Party has surged in the polls passed their partners in government and Mr Salvini has been outspoken in his criticism of the EU and action has been taken to stop migrant ships entering Italy.

He went onto say EU countries needed to take back their freedom from unelected bureaucrats and said that the Italian government is working to bring about a radical change in the way the EU operates: “We envision a different Europe where every EU country should have the freedom to decide its own economic policies, We are working to change Europe from the inside and we are working to change economic, political, tax and agricultural policies.

The EU and specifically the “wrong experiment” of the Euro has done severe damage to Italy: “Following the policies of the European Union, these past few years has led to a record public debt in Italy.

“Italy is the second-to-last country in Europe for economic growth. So I intend to do something completely different.”

“We propose a flat tax and an amnesty for those who owe taxes up to €100,000 (£89,000) to help them climb out of debt. We consider these to be small debts.”

Itlay under Salvini has become a fulcrum of the struggle for national freedom and against the hated Eurocrats. It is as Steve Bannon rightly saw the new frontline in the struggle against globalism.

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