GEARING UP: Salvini Calls Meeting Of Patriotic Parties Ahead Of Euro Elections

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister, has called a meeting of patriotic parties for next week as Europe gears up for the upcoming European Elections in May.

It follows demands from across the EU for him to take the lead in initiating some kind of cooperation. He told Italian media:

“The difference between us and others is that they have to go abroad to seek alliances … but the League invites European movements to Italy, our country has become central, thanks to this government.”

Germany’s Alternative For Germany have confirmed they are sending a representative along with, potentially, as many as 20 countries. Marine Le Pen, a prominent exponent of the idea of a formal alliance has confirmed she will not be attending although it is unclear whether her National Rally Party will send a representative.

Salvini’s League Party is expected to make sweeping gains in the poll which takes place at the end of May this year. It’s manifesto says it will:

“underline and reaffirm common Christian roots, defend national identity and the supremacy of the Italian constitution over European laws and directives”.

The meeting will take place in Milan.

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