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SILENCING Stephen: The Feminist Supporting Tommy Robinson


SOMETIME ago I became aware of a man who is being persecuted by the press and politicians for criticizing Islam. Apparently that makes him far-right. As a result Face***k have forbidden his name from being spoken, which makes it tricky to write an article about him. So let’s call him something else, hmmm … I think Stephen suits him. The silencing of Stephen is particularly sinister given that he is currently running for MEP in the European Parliament elections and therefore has a democratic right to be heard.

Now I’m hardly a fan of the far-right, in fact I’m your typical white, middle class, feminist, left wing, pseudo-intellectual snob who watches subtitled movies about the plight of indigenous, Siberian, lesbian miners, and the like.

Still I had become curious about Stephen’s views after I had been purged from feminism for mentioning my reservations that a sharia devotee, Linda Sarsour, was headlining the Women’s March. (Since then it’s been discovered that the Women’s March is so rife with anti-Semitism that it would make the SS blush, but that’s a story for another column).

Tommy Robinson on the campaign trail.

So feeling bitter and twisted that my vision of women’s liberation hadn’t matched the reality of modern day Islamophillic leftism, you could say I was eager to watch my first “Stephen” video, though I still had some trepidation. After all I’d been told he was a ‘working class football hooligan’, and as much as bourgeois lefty me had always ached to help the great-unwashed masses I had never wanted to get that close to them.

Still, I sat down in the privacy of my own home, with the curtains closed, nervously anticipating my first filmic fling with a supposed white supremacist.

What I discovered: he doesn’t like soldiers being beheaded, concert goers being bombed, women being stoned to death and little girls being raped. WHAT A BLOODY BIGOT!

It also occurred to me that I hadn’t heard anything this feminist at any of the actual feminist meetings I had been to. Not that Stephen is a fan of feminists or leftists, because he’s as disgusted as I am that the Marxists don’t mention the Islamic elephant in the room.

Still, there’s no doubt Stephen is a bit of a naughty boy; he has a rap sheet as long as his arm, though he reckons some of them were a stitch up. Naturally he would say that, but there might actually be some credence to his claims, given that his last incarceration – for contempt of court – resulted in an appeals court releasing him.

Thousands turned up to support Tommy through his court case.

Initially sentenced to 13 months for filming outside a courthouse where a rape grooming gang case was in progress, the appeals judges were not impressed that Stephen had been arrested, tried and convicted on the same day. Furthermore they concluded that it had not been made clear as to what Stephen had actually done wrong to have been in contempt. In fact they called his case a “muddle”. Still, they decided the case should be remitted. So countless court dates later, and close to a year since his initial conviction, Stephen is still being stuffed around. The latest update in this ongoing farce is that he will be retried on July 4th — Independence Day for some.

So why is he being re-tried? Who knows — after all if esteemed justices can’t figure out what he did wrong, what hope have the rest of us got. Still the latest word on the street is that Stephen’s supposed offence was causing anxiety to the Muslim rapists he had been reporting on.

And this is where we get to Stephen’s supposed bigoted views. Yet, contrary to what the mainstream media insinuate, Stephen doesn’t target all Muslims, he only takes issue with Islamic extremists. In fact shortly before his arrest, while still filming, he had paused his rant about Islamic rape gangs to compliment moderate Muslims. You can still find this video online, despite it being at the centre of the contempt controversy.

And on Saturday, at a political event in Oldham, an ex-Muslim Pakistani man shared a stage with Stephen and declared his support for him. This was the same rally where a huge gang of masked men, chanting Allahu Akbar, descended on the town. Initially escorted in by the police, the police then had to strain to hold them back, while these men proceeded to throw bricks at the peaceful crowd of men, women and children who had gathered to hear Stephen speak.

Muslim thugs spread fear in Oldham.

Standing on a stage, within stone’s throw of the rioters, Stephen calmed his supporters by declaring, “We don’t want violence, we don’t want trouble. The only way we can fight this is through the ballot box. Let’s start that revolution on the 23rd of May.”

It was a miracle no one was killed, yet where was the outrage about the violence aimed at Stephen and his supporters? Why were his words emphasizing peace not reported? In fact the mainstream media have put their usual anti-Stephen, far-right spin on it, despite video evidence to the contrary.

How does risking life and limb to speak out about terrorism, rape gangs and female genital mutilation make one equally an extremist? Indeed such outspokenness has not only made Stephen a target of constant death threats, in 2012 he narrowly missed being bombed by jihadis. Which makes you shudder to think what could have happened if the balaclava clad men in Oldham had managed to get to him.

It also makes you question which side the media are on. Because when the Islamists aren’t out to get him, the media and government are standing in line to persecute and prosecute him.

Late last year news site Politico Europe, based in Brussels, published an article on the dastardly deeds of Stephen; this was shortly before they released their seminal piece, “Brexit puts penguins in peril”.

The Independent also often has Stephen in their sights. It was divulged in 2017 that a Saudi Arabian investor held a 25 – 50% stake in the Independent’s parent company. Later in 2017 they published this helpful bon mot, “How the teachings of Islam could help us prevent more sexual abuse scandals.”

Still, I’m sure that both news sites are dedicated to non-partisan journalism.

Mind you I get why most journos throw Stephen under the bus, no one wants to be on the pointy end of Islamist vengeance, or labelled a Nazi for defending Stephen. Besides, ‘working class chav’ (as the media despicably labels him) Stephen serves his purpose as the whipping boy, leaving others who report on Islamic atrocities to look moderate in comparison.

But like the high-class escort who fancies herself a cut above the street trollop, I’ve got news for you MSM madams — no matter how tactfully you impeach Islam, as far as the terrorists are concerned you’re all plying the same trade.

Furthermore when you get shot by jihadis who don’t understand the difference between your thoughtful critiques on Islam and that bigot Stephen’s ravings, who do you think will defend you? Not the mainstream media, which will lament how detrimental your Islamophobic demise will be for Muslims. No, it will be Stephen who declares you a martyr.

If instead Stephen gets silenced first, then who will speak out for the victims of Islamic atrocities? Or worse, who will fill the void he leaves — perhaps a REAL white supremacist? Perhaps one who perceives that peaceful protest hasn’t worked, and instead is committed to using the swastika and sword to fight submission?

Those of you in the press might want to ponder that before you pen your next poison piece about Stephen.  

* Stephen is running as an MEP in the European Parliament elections this Thursday 23rd May and needs your vote! (But remember to look for his censored name)

In his words, “We don’t want violence, we don’t want trouble. The only way we can fight this is through the ballot box. Let’s start that revolution on the 23rd of May.”



  1. Helen

    May 23, 2019 at 17:26

    Superb piece of writing by Dana Forrest!great job!

  2. Anonymous

    May 23, 2019 at 18:09

    People are beginning to understand Tommy Robinson not beforetime

  3. Liz

    May 31, 2019 at 13:06

    Excellent comment.

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