THEY DON’T CARE! Labour-run Birkenhead has some of Britain’s Most DEPRIVED Areas

BIRKENHEAD has some of Britain’s most deprived areas, according to a new report, that’s been released ahead of a planned rally by North West MEP candidate Tommy Robinson.

The out-of-touch Tory government released the study this week and it revealed some stark but unsurprising revelations about life on the breadline.

Thousands of people in Birkenhead are being “pushed into the depths of poverty and despair.” and Liverpool’s longtime MP has only just started to ask questions about why locals are being faced with such stark living conditions.

Local areas such as Bidston Hill, Tranmere, Woodchurch and Birkenhead Central were all in England’s top list for ‘highest estimated neighbourhood prevalence of depression’ – the diagnosed number of people 18 and over.

The Fake News Liverpool Echo claimed that the quality of life issue in Birkenhead has been ‘well documented in recent times’, despite the figures and report only being publicised as Tommy Robinson is set to visit the area.

Tommy, who has been raising the issue on working-class council estates across the country on his European Election campaign trail said in St Helen’s on Thursday: “We chose to come to estates across the country because you know when I go through the statistics 12 of the 15 most deprived areas in the country are in the North West”.

“Children in poverty, food banks, families relying on food banks, all of these issues, everyday issues that affect you in your community, and then when you look, there’s MEP’s standing against me, and there are politicians who have already come out and spoke against me, but when it comes to making their votes as MPs – even on Foreign Aid – £700m pounds of foreign aid was spent on building roads in Africa.” added the in-touch politician.

Tommy revealed where taxpayer money to fix poverty was going: “£270 million pounds of OUR money YOUR taxpayer money was spent on roads in Pakistan.”

“The EU Budget, 25% of their budget. YOUR Money not their money OUR money, 25% of their budget will be spent on climate change, how much is China spending on Climate change? How much is India spending climate change? so the European Union want to TAX to death all of our people for the world’s problems.”

Labour MP Frank Field said: “All too many people in Birkenhead are being pushed into the depths of poverty and despair.”

The out-of-touch MP lazily added: “I’m seeking answers in Parliament around the difficulties that people often encounter when trying to access mental health services.” despite years and years of neglect by Establishment MPs.

Field claimed that he was “Pushing the Government on the need for firm action to address the root causes of depression and poor mental health in our town.”

Local Cllr Julie McManus from Wirral Council told the Echo she was “saddened” by the report, despite her local government being partly responsible for the stark figures.

She said: “It was not a surprise to see those statistics, but it was very disappointing.” and did not provide any solutions, instead, she attacked working-class activist Tommy Robinson and branded him ‘far-right,’ and claimed “I think it’s because Birkenhead largely voted to Leave during Brexit, and we live in one of the most deprived communities in the area. That doesn’t mean people sign up to what he says, though.”

More follows.

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