‘THEY’RE WASTING YOUR MONEY!’ Tommy SLAMS UK’s Foreign Aid As MILLIONS of Brits Live in Poverty

NORTH West MEP frontrunner Tommy Robinson has slammed Britain’s bloated foreign aid budget as millions of Brits across the region live in poverty.

Speaking in St Helens Thursday, Robinson said: “We chose to come to estates across the country because you know when I go through the statistics 12 of the 15 most deprived areas in the country are in the North West”.

“Children in poverty, food banks, families relying on food banks, all of these issues, everyday issues that affect you in your community, and then when you look, there’s MEP’s standing against me, and there are politicians who have already come out and spoke against me, but when it comes to making their votes as MPs – even on Foreign Aid – £700m pounds of foreign aid was spent on building roads in Africa,” added Tommy with roaring reactions from the crowd.

“£270 million pounds of OUR money YOUR taxpayer money was spent on roads in Pakistan.”

“The EU Budget, 25% of their budget. YOUR Money not their money OUR money, 25% of their budget will be spent on climate change, how much is China spending on Climate change? How much is India spending climate change? so the European Union want to TAX to death all of our people for the world’s problems.”


Last year, Politicalite reported that Britain was spending BILLIONS on Foreign Aid, and data revealed more than 14 MILLION Brits are living below the breadline and have been trapped in poverty for years.

The figures revealed that 4.5m kids live in poverty according to a poverty measure that looks at the disadvantages of in the United Kingdom.

We argued that it was “pretty easy to fix” as we could take money from the bloated Foreign Aid budget to help Britons at home.”

Under legislation approved by David Cameron and Parliament in 2015, the UK government is now legally required to spend 0.7% of our gross national income on overseas development assistance and in 2016, the British government spent over £13 BILLION on handouts to foreign countries, some such as India that are spending BILLIONS on a Space Programme – but new poverty figures have revealed just how much people here in Blighty need aid.

The report by the Social Metrics Commission has found that poverty is more common in single-parent families and households that are dependent for income on irregular or zero-hours jobs, non-working families and those with at least one disabled family member.

The study looked at basic living costs including rent and childcare and recognised that even a moderate income is no guarantee that people can meet basic needs if it is eaten up by unavoidable weekly outgoings.

The figures were revealed by the Social Metrics Commission and a spokesman from the commission, Phillipa Stroud said: “We want to put poverty at the heart of government policymaking and ensure that the decisions that are made are genuinely made with the long-term interests of those in poverty in mind.”

The new poverty figures are most likely related to austerity and billions of pounds of cuts and freezes to welfare and disability benefits, and the rise of zero-hours contracts.

The commission hopes the new data will focus politicians’ attention on tackling rising living costs – such as rent, childcare, and the extra costs of disability – rather than to solely focusing on raising incomes.

The UK as a whole has been left without an official measure of poverty since the Conservative government scrapped Labour’s child poverty targets in England.

The IFS predicted the number of children living in poverty will most likely soar to a record 5.2 million over the next five years as government welfare cuts bite, more than reversing all the progress made over the past 20 years.


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