BATTEN BACKS POLAND: Resist EU Threats UKIP Leader Tells Polish PM

Speaking in the European Parliament yesterday, Gerard Batten MEP, UKIPs leader praised the Polish government and Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki for resisting the EU’s attempts to impose migrant quotas:

“We’ve seen full economic, political and financial governance being aspired to. The EU now governs almost every aspect of the citizen’s life.”

“Not surprisingly you and your Government are opposing that forced acceptance of irregular migrants and refugees, but you’ve been threatened by the EU. If you don’t take the migrants, then you cannot have the money.”

“You have learnt that if you sell your soul then eventually someone will come to claim it. You can have the rule of law, but you cannot have the rule of your own law. You can only have the rule of this place’s law.”

He asked Poland to come to Britain’s aid in its battle for Brexit as Britain came to Poland’s aid in 1939. The EU is also trying to meddle in judicial reforms which would lower the retirement age for judges from 70 to 65 and is taking legal action against the Polish government.

In the same speech, Mr Batten stated that the EU is a “Nazi legacy” and in so doing sparked a furious backlash from other MEPs. Richard Corbett MEP, the leader of the Labour Group, with no apparent sense of irony, branded Batten and UKIP an “embarrassment” to Britain and a “waste of time and money”.

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