GERMAN UPRISING: Thousands of angry patriots CLASH with Police after two Migrants KILL man

PATRIOTIC Germans took to the streets of East Germany over the weekend in the city of Chemnitz after two migrants, a Syrian and an Iraqi killed a man, the incident was DEPLORED by EU and Migrant Loving Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The right-wing protesters chanted ‘We are the People’ and ‘Luegenpresse’ (lying press) while displaying placards that read ‘Stop the refugee flood’ and ‘Defend Europe’, the latter adorned with an image of an automatic rifle.

Some carried banners or insignia of the right-wing AfD and NPD parties and other political groups, police said.

Left-wing counter-protesters yelled slogans like ‘Nazis out’ and ‘There’s no right to Nazi propaganda,’ at a larger group of right-wing demonstrators that were returned with ‘We are louder, we are more’ and ‘Lying press.’

Of the estimated 800 people who took part in the first round of protests, about 50 were involved in violence and attacked police officers with bottles and stones, Chemnitz Police Chief Sonja Penzel said.

A Syrian teenager and an Afghan teenager were attacked in separate incidents but were not seriously hurt and a 30-year-old Bulgarian was also threatened, she said.

Penzel said police are still evaluating video footage and called for any witnesses to the violence to come forward.

Germany has denounced far-right groups ‘spreading hatred on the streets’ after hundreds of followers gathered to protest in the city of Chemnitz on Sunday.

Angela Merkel’s spokesman said he condemns the groups ‘in the strongest possible terms’ after footage emerged of skinheads chasing a man of Arab appearance down the streets and throwing bottles at police.

He added that Germany would not tolerate ‘vigilante justice’.

Officers in riot gear pushed people back as they tried to get at those on the other side. The demonstrators from the right hurled bottles and firecrackers at the rival camp before starting off on a march.

Both groups took to the streets of Chemnitz after a 35-year-old German man was injured during a clash after a street festival and died early Sunday.

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1 Comment

  1. Paula Tarney

    August 28, 2018 at 08:57

    Don’t give me false news I Voted Brexit

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