HUMILIATION: French Navy ‘Ready To Intervene’ In Scallop Wars

TALKS will take place today between officials from the British and French governments aimed at resolving the so-called ‘Scallop Wars’. The tension between British and French fishermen spilt over into a violent clash last week when a flotilla of French boats attacked 5 British fishing vessels.

French Agriculture Minister, Stéphane Travert has said that the French Navy is ready to intervene: “The French Navy is ready to step in if more clashes break out, as well as carrying out checks. We need an agreement so we can manage the scallop stocks in a sustainable and effective way,” Mr Travert added. “We can’t continue like this, we can’t carry on having clashes like this.”

However, British fishermen say that the French Navy blatantly turns a blind eye to attacks on British boats. Derek Meredith, the owner of two fishing boats attacked by the flotilla, said this is the second time that he has been the target of an attack: “Two years ago it happened to us but not as forceful as this time, I wouldn’t have said. The same thing. The French Navy was there on site and they’ve never done a thing. We reported it to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and nothing happened. It just went on as it is.” 

Notably, Theresa May has never once offered protection from the British Navy to British boats. In what can only be described as a massive humiliation for Britain, they may instead now have to rely on the French Navy to protect them from French fishermen. Theresa The Appeaser has once again shown that national pride let alone the national interest means nothing to her, doubtlessly this is why rather than addressing the British people she has spent the entire summer trying to sell her Chequers deal to European leaders……a clearer indication of who matters more no one could ever wish for.


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