‘IDENTITY AND DEMOCRACY’: The New Face Of Nationalism In Europe

MARINE Le Pen and Matteo Salvini announced that Identity and Democracy is the new name of the nationalist group within the European Parliament.

The new bloc has 73 MEPs from a total of nine nations.

27 MEPs from the League (Italy).
23 MEPs from the National Rally (France).
11 MEPs from Alternative for Germany.
3 MEPs from Vlaams Belang (Flanders).
3 MEPs from the Austrian Freedom Party.
2 MEPs from Freedom and Direct Democracy (Czech Republic).
2 MEPs from the Finns Party.
1 MEP from the Danish People’s Party.
1 MEP from the Estonian Conservatives Party.

The ID brings together some of the former member parties of the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF), the Europe of Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), and the Europe for Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) groups.

Le Pen’s and Salvini’s relationship is known to be a strong one. 

“Identity and Democracy (ID) will be the name of our group in the European Parliament for these five years,” the National Rally MEP Thierry Mariani tweeted Wednesday.

The ID will be the fifth largest group in the European Parliament.

Mariani tweeted that the League’s Marco Zanni MEP was elected as the President of Identity and Democracy. Nicolas Bay MEP, of the National Rally, was elected as the 1st Vice President.

Zanni’s first election to the European Parliament was in 2014, for the Five Star Movement. In January of 2017, following the attempt by the 5 Star Movement to join the liberal ALDE group, Zanni departed from Five Star and the EFDD group. As an independent, he joined the Europe of Nations and Freedom Group (ENF) which was founded by Marine Le Pen. 

Marco Zanni MEP. 

Zanni joined the League in 2018 and was then appointed as its Head of Foreign Affairs earlier this year. 

The Brexit Party is not currently a member party of the Identity and Democracy group. Farage demanded to be named group president if he was to join. Le Pen and Salvini refused to accept this. Farage allegedly stormed out of a meeting as a result. 

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