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MERK HELL: Removing Angela Merkel Is Just The First Step In Freeing Europe



GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel’s days are numbered as her coalition breaks apart as a direct result of her disastrous policy on immigration.

Merkel, who let over 1m migrants into Germany, has destroyed her legacy and has performed a spectacular U-TURN to try to salvage her coalition.

Ms. Merkel will cling on as chancellor as a result of her move, but it won’t be an easy ride as populism and nationalism spread throughout Europe and Germany,

Having waved through 1.6 million migrants from Africa and The Middle East and the public have witnessed for themselves the violence and crime that ensued.


The political scene has changed greatly since she made this terrible decision. At the time it seemed there was nothing that could be done to change policies that the people of Europe plainly did not support. Time and time again there were polls that the people of the EU wanted the borders closed to illegals and no Muslim immigration whatsoever, but they were no listened to. The system seemed to be too entrenched in their policy of forcing migration upon the EU no matter what anyone said or did about it.

Then the UK voted BREXIT and TRUMP got elected instead of Clinton. This changed the balance of power and weakened the hands of the No Borders Globalists.

Politicians who believe in secure borders then consolidated their power in Poland and Hungary, while gaining power in Italy and Austria. Pro border parties across Europe, including Germany with the AFD, saw steady progress in the polls and this is starting to yield real change in policies and action.

It also seems to be the case that when politicians get tough on illegal immigration, despite the wails of the vocal Globalist minority & their friends in the media, the silent majority continue to back them in the polls and elections. Trump’s popularity rating has climbed and is very strong with the Republican voters. Salvini in Italy has seen his party climb the polls, the tougher and more stubborn he is about delivering the policies he promised.

Already we are starting to see the boats turned back from the ports of Italy and Malta, borders closed to illegals in Austria, Hungary and Bavaria. Once Merkel is out of the way there is nothing to stop the new wave of political power from closing the borders entirely and stopping the illegals getting to EU shores in the first place.


The more action the public witness, the more they believe action can and will be taken and so they more readily vote for parties who offer secure borders, knowing that it’s no longer a wasted vote.

There is an appetite in Europe to be tough on countries like Turkey and Libya, and so force them to stop the flow of illegals. After all they could see their economies trashed if the EU so desired it. The European Elections next year should see further gains for the Pro Border parties across the EU.

With Merkel out of the way and other gains by Pro Border politicians in National Elections the balance of power will alter rapidly and people will start to look at the next stage.

People will ask: When can we start removing all the migrants that were forced upon us? Why did we allow migrant groups to settle and stay when their religion and core beliefs are so incompatible with Western values?

There will be a growing appetite to send these people home.



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