NEW WORLD ORDER: Macron To Make ‘Post-Crisis’ Speech To Herald ‘New World’

While measures to combat the Wuhan COVID-19 virus continue to confine French citizens to their homes, President Emmanuel Macron is expected to soon deliver a so-called “founding speech” for the post-crisis world.

“He is quietly preparing a very big speech on the next world,” a government minister told the French newspaper Le Parisien.

According to the Ile-de-France daily newspaper, Macron is working on a major speech, which some speculate will be delivered to the public on July 14 – France’s Bastille Day – after the country’s confinement measures have been lifted.

In his speech, Macron is expected to announce the introduction of new and sweeping actions that his government will take to protect the country against an unprecedented economic and social calamity. He’s also anticipated to outline his vision for the “world after” the coronavirus pandemic.

This so-called “founding speech” will mark the end of confinement as well as the“the beginning of a new era,” says the same minister.

The speech will be “accompanied by major announcements, potentially the abolition of certain reforms,” the minister added, citing “those of pensions and the public audiovisual sector.”

According to the statements collected by the French daily newspaper made by the prominent minster, Macron’s speech is likely to outline his major priorities for the post-crisis world. Priorities that are likely include securing France’s robust welfare state, rescuing the economy, and reducing social inequality, among other things.

“We have to get out of all this with a huge programme, so as not to leave room for the populists,” an adviser to Macron has argued.

Considering the present position that he finds himself in, Macron,  who is distrusted by large segments of the French population, will likely use this “founding speech” to signal to his constituents that he and his government will be charting a new course forward as it enters the post-crisis world.

In February, Voice of Europe reported on a survey carried out by the French newspaper Le Figaro with pollster Kantar-One Point which revealed that Macron’s confidence rating among the pubic had reached record lows.

This month, however, another poll released by Ifop for Paris Match showed the COVID-19 crisis had acted as a boon for Macron’s presidency, with 46 of French people now having a favorable view of him.

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