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TERROR RETURNS TO FRANCE: French Terrorist Attack leaves THREE dead, ISIS gunman killed

TERROR returned to the streets of France yesterday after an ISIS gunman took hostages in a French supermarket.

The alleged terrorist killed at least three in Carcassonne, Southern France.

The attacker identified Redouane Lakdim attacked police and a supermarket with weapons including a handgun.

He was branded ‘public enemy number one’ by French newspaper Le Figaro.

A policeman was also injured and was hailed as a hero after agreeing to take the place of a female hostage is fighting for his life.

The officer was named as Arnaud Beltrame – a hero lieutenant-colonel knighted the Legion of Honor in May 2012.

Beltrame was gunned down after rushing to the site of the rampage in the southwest town of Trebes.

The terrorist was shot dead by French special forces after he demanded the release of Salah Abdeslam, the Terrorist who was involved in the 2015 Paris.


11am: Lakdim hijacks a car somewhere in his home town.
A passenger in the vehicle is shot in the head and killed while the driver is wounded before the terrorist drives away.
Approximately 11am: The attacker opens fire on four policemen jogging near the edge of town.
One officer is wounded after being hit in the shoulder. Bullets also strike a nearby car, shattering the back window. Lakdim escapes in the stolen vehicle.
Approximately 11.15am: Gunshots are reported at a Super U supermarket in the town of Trebes as Lakdim storms in, taking hostages.
Two people are later shot dead, though it is unclear precisely when or why.
French police initially say a dozen people are wounded, though uncertainty remained around the exact toll on Friday afternoon.
Some time before 2pm: A French policeman makes his way into the supermarket after agreeing to swap himself for a hostage.
He is later wounded, though it is not clear exactly how.
Approximately 2pm: French police storm the supermarket, shooting Lakdim dead.


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