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WATCH: German Protester Claims Angela Merkel Has CENSORED Broadcasts from Chemnitz

ANGELA Merkel has been accused of CENSORING right-wing protesters in Chemnitz following the death of a mixed-race German man who was allegedly killed by two migrants.

(Scroll to the bottom to SEE the video – we advise reading the full story first) 

Daniel Hillig, a German-Cuban man was allegedly stabbed to death 25 times by an Iraqi and a Syrian at a festival.


Sputnik reported that Daniel was stabbed 25 times and died in hospital. The victim is said to have been a local resident of German-Cuban origin, who was a trained carpenter, he leaves a wife.

Two of his friends were also seriously injured and admitted to hospital. The authorities earlier called the incident a “dispute between several people of different nationalities.”

The police were initially reluctant to release information about the suspects, including their nationality.

Chemnitz is in Saxony, a region where the patriotic right-wing, anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party and the Pegida movement are particularly strong. They despise Mrs Merkel’s open-door immigration policy.

Merkel, who was widely criticized for opening Germany’s borders to 800,000 migrants in 2016 blamed the ‘Far Right’ and not her open-door policy that has caused major divisions in Germany.

Social Media reports that the two migrants were ‘sexually harassing’ a girl, before Daniel interveined — Politicalite cannot verify this claim.

The two migrants are now both in police custody.

A video later appeared on social media from an account that has since been suspended, but Politicalite was sent a copy.

The video showed a male German protester claiming that Angela Merkel had ‘jammed’ signals in Chemnitz – meaning no live broadcasts of the protests on the 27th August could be broadcasted to social media.

The man claimed that Article 5 of the German Constitution says that “No Censorship” shall be applied.

Article 5 of the German Constitution

He added, “Merkel even banned my Twitter in Germany for reporting on Refugee attacks.”

See the video below.

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