ANGRY HOMER: Labour Cllr who ATTACKED working-class hero Tommy Robinson threatens Politicalite.com with legal action

STEPHEN Homer, the disgraced Labour councillor who made shocking comments about Tommy Robinson has threatened Politicalite with legal action for publishing comments he made on Facebook.

Yesterday we exclusively revealed that Homer – who is the Labour Councillor for Mossley in Greater Manchester – claimed that Tommy Robinson ‘Couldn’t give a sh*t’ about the raped girls FAILED by Labour councils across Britain.

He said: “Old Stephen Yaxley Lennon couldn’t give a shit about the victims he is only interested in his own publicity. These animals (if their guilty) behind the grooming of the kids could of ended up walking free because of his actions.”

When a Facebook user, who wishes to remain anonymous replied: “Walk free? please! you lot couldn’t give a shit about those girls even forced Sarah Champion to resign for mentioning it, wind your neck in”

Homer then replied: “Hahahahahaha;)”

Our source said yesterday: “These politicians are hypocrites and scum and need exposing, I challenged him about the cover-up he just laughed at me.”

We sent the link to our story to Mr Homer hoping to receive a comment and this was his response:

“Good evening Jordan, firstly can I thank you for letting me have sight of your poorly researched, poorly written and totally inaccurate piece.

If you had read all of the screenshots of the conversation between myself and my brother in law something you obviously haven’t done. You would have seen that your friend [Readacted] butted in mid-conversationon and his comment just happened to proceed my laughing at a comment made by my brother in law earlier in the conversation, something he is willing to testify to.

It was some comments later that I responded to your friend by saying I don’t debate with stupidity. He again made some more comments that were ignored until I told him one final time I don’t debate with stupidity.

This is something [Redacted] now believes to be the true sequence of events that evening.

Now as your “journalistic” piece has had over 1000 shares and I have been the victim of abuse all of which has been documented. I feel it only right you remedy this injustice and I mean remedy it properly, I will not accept a few lines on your corrections link.

If you print a full apology with as much impact as your original piece and that piece stay online for an equivalent amount of time I will accept that as an apology and accept you were duped and have learnt from this to carry out due diligence in future.

If you don’t do this all evidence of the original conversation, your piece and the subsequent abuse I have received will be passed on to the authorities to see if any crime has been committed and if there has prosecution will be pressed for.

The other action I’m willing and able to purse in this matter is to bring a civil case against yourself for Libel, please look up the laws around defamation if you haven’t already. I hope considering the above you will now do the right thing.”

Our source denied that he believed Stephen Homers verison of events to be the true sequence of events.

Our source said: “Somebody isn’t happy. Good cop out for him saying the laughing comment was a reply for his brother in law, took him long enough to think of that. There was 16 minute gap from my comment to his laughing comment so I’m not buying that.”

The source added: “He should have stayed quiet and waited for it to blow over tbh, the last thing he needs is more exposure for his comments which baffles me as to why he’d message you threatening legal action, Smacks of desperation.”

We have contacted the local association for comment.

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