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ARROGANT ASH: Great British Public Tell #BGT’s Highly Strung Banjo He DOES NOT ‘Speak For Them’ in #BLM Row 

FUMING Brits told arrogant Ashley Banjo that he does not speak for Britain after he tore into angry viewers who were concerned about a highly charged Black Lives Matter performance and told them that they did not speak for the Great British public. 

Politicalite received hundreds of messages after Banjo attacked critics on Tuesday and here’s what Brits had to say to him. 

Melinda Hanvey said: “I’ve always liked Ashley Banjo and Diversity but they’ve made a big mistake with their recent routine on BGT.” 

“The British public are sick to death of having BLM rammed down their throats. It is beyond a joke now.” 

Jan Dimmok said: “He doesn’t speak for me & he’s got it badly wrong, it was political & he knows it & the show & his career may well suffer for his actions.”

Vincent said: “They’ll find out what the Great British public think when BLM stands in an election!”

Another raged: “He doesn’t speak for me and this should never have been allowed all lives matter .

 Won’t be watching again”

Janice Ramshow said: “How a ‘dancer’ can decide who speaks for the Great British and who does not, is beyond me. I honestly wish ‘celebs’ would stop thinking they have a right to speak for anyone other than themselves.”

David said: “Yes they do, you have no idea how disrespectful you have been championing a incident that happened to a criminal and drug addict in another country.”


One ITV viewer joked: “I think there talent speaks volumes. Just look at there careers. Butlins. Where stars go to die.”

Another told us: “And he believes that HE represents or speaks for the Great British public?? So HIS views are more important than the rest of us? NOT. Let’s face it, the 3,000 who actually complained to Ofcom are only a fraction of the number of people who are angry at what happened on BGT.”

Malcolm said: “They speak for me. Bringing politics into a family entertainment show is not on especially when it glorifies a criminal.”

Steve said: “Oh yes they do…I see the celebrity delusion of grandeur has set in”

Katrina replied: “That the problem, every opportunity that the British people speak, no one listens.”

Another said: “Political views should not be aired on family shows, especially one that is respresenting domestic terrorism.”

HIGHLY Stung Banjo blasted those angry over far-left political statements being pushed during prime-time family viewing telling those angry that they “do not represent or speak for the Great British public” after thousands complained to the UK’s media regulator Ofcom. 

The under-fire guest judge who is standing in for Simon Cowell is facing calls to QUIT after he blasted viewers, including a young father who said Banjo’s BLM performance on Sunday “scared his child”. 

Jamie from Manchester Was Angry That The BLM Stunt Scared His Child And Complained To Ofcom

Arrogant Ash hit back telling viewers that they were full of “hate” and accused them of being “ignorant” after his dance group Diversity performed the highly charged performance that included anti-Capitalist statements and pro-Communist messaging. 

Banjo, who’s dance troupe won the competition in 2009 beating Susan Boyle told viewers that “Change” was inevitable and told them to “Get used to it” adding that they “Do not represent or speak for the Great British public”.

His comments came as over THREE THOUSAND angry viewers complained to Ofcom over the political stunt meaning that the programme could now become one of the most complained about this year. 


Banjo was also blasted by a young Dad who said a violent Black Lives Matter inspired performance on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent “scared his child” on Saturday night and called for other parents who had a similar experience to “contact Ofcom” to complain.

Jamie, from Manchester, contacted Politicalite on social media after hearing that over 3,000 people had complained to Ofcom over the politically charged dance routine. 

The young Dad told us: “It was vile and the political violence scared my kid.” 

Being comfortable being uncomfortable | eileenjohnson

He blasted ITV telling Politicalite: “It was a family show so where was the warning?” 

Jamie added: “Kids are already scared enough right now they don’t need this.” He urged others who felt the same to contact Ofcom.

ITV ditches plans to move back into South Bank headquarters - CityAM : CityAM

Ofcom said in a statement yesterday: “We have received complaints in relation to last Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent, most of which related to the Diversity dance segment.”

“We are assessing the complaints against our broadcasting rules, but are yet to decide whether or not to investigate.”


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