BREAKING: Kent Police Say Steve Laws ‘May Be Released Tonight’ But Are ‘Yet To Make Decision’

KENT Police have told Politicalite that Steve Laws could be released tonight after they “make a decision.” 

Steve, 29 who has covered the ongoing migrant crisis in Dover for the past few months, and had his videos featured on Politicalite and also Sky News was arrested by Kent Police earlier today. 

Citizen Journalist Steve Laws reported from Dover today.

His crime? He used an abandoned migrant dingy that he was given the green light to use by an Immigration Officer. 

Steve’s partner Jodie told Politicalite that they are still interviewing people about the situation. 

“They said there’s three people they need to interview about it.” said Jodie. 

“They’ve done two. Just getting the third one interviewed now.”

“Then do paper work and make a decision, and then he’ll be released.”

“I asked if it was still going to be tonight that he is released and they said yes it will be.” 

A fellow citizen journalist, Active Patriot – who was questioned by Police for more information on the planned rally due to take Place on Saturday earlier this week told Politicalite: “Steve has been arrested at Dover”

“He was been arrested in relation to a dinghy abandoned on a beach by illegals that he took out to sea.” added Active Patriot.

“An Immigration official let him take the dinghy.”

“They’ll find anything to stop people filming.”



U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar described the arrest of one of Politicalite’s video journalists “very soviet” of the UK.

Gosar – who is Congressman for Arizona said: “[This is] Very Soviet of the UK.” – US Congressman Paul Gosar on the Arrest of Steve Laws and shared the situation on his Twitter feed.

Our Steve, who has covered the ongoing migrant crisis in Dover and had his videos featured on Politicalite and Sky News was arrested by Kent Police earlier today.

Politicalite and representatives from News Worldwide’s legal team have been in contact with Kent Police.

Kent Police told us on the phone: “Steve is fit and well and he has been given his rights and has been given access to legal representation.’”

RT to #FreeSteve and show your support at Dover tomorrow from 12pm. #ProtectOurBorder 

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